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QUAD ERA-1 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by FastAndClean, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. Beagle
    I don't much see the point of reviews anymore. It's tiring, hard to get inspired to do reviewing for my own ears and tastes when I already have the thing I'm reviewing.

    Best review is an audition. Your ears will review it for you.

    Unless you believe in graphs, in which case best review is a graph.
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  2. FrostyP
    So what if they are an OEM rebrand. There has obviously been some customization done to the design. Denon did it and they've been around for a long time too.
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  3. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Absolutely. We don't even know that this is a rebrand, just some wild speculation and assumptions being made by some people without actual evidence. Regardless, they sound quite nice and are very well made.
  4. E1DA
    Yeah, indeed it looks like cosmetically modified JMP-101 https://www.yogada.com.tw/featured_item/jpm-101/ But actually, I really like ID itself of that headphones, I think they both look fresh and authentic, that I certainly can't say about Hifiman for instance. In my opinion, that headphones look better(Ok, slightly) than its sound :wink:
  5. Beagle
  6. god-bluff
    I can't see anywhere in the world that sells those headphones. Maybe they a virtual headphone. They exist only as doctored rendering of the Quad originals !?! Maybe
  7. E1DA
    I didn't see that phones too and I guess IAG paid for exclusive so you can buy that only as era1.
  8. abvolt
    These hp's sure look worthy of a listen, looked at part 1 review on innerfidelity. Anyone found any knowledgeable reviews ..
  9. E1DA
    I had the comparison with my hifiman he400i(2017 version), and I like he400i better because sounds wider and more neutral in mids(era1 has vocal accented and more mid bass, not up to boomy of course but I feel some transparency losses). ERA1 is noticeable smaller but he400i looks cheaper.
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  10. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I suspect most people would feel a slight emphasis on vocals is a positive. I owned and really enjoyed the 400i, but for me, personally, the ERA-1 is easily the better headphone. Throw in the much better build quality, or at least so it seems, and I think the Quad is the better purchase, certainly if the price is less than MSRP. Don't get me wrong, the 400i is a thoroughly enjoyable headphone, at least the tuning that I knew. That is the problem in my mind with HiFi Man currently, they never leave anything alone, constantly tweaking, re-issuing new models etc. To a point that is great that a headphone company shows a commitment to working on things, but there is too much of a good thing. I kind of enjoyed the product development cycle that used to be the norm, things were well tested, the sound signature was believed in by the company and the model was released and sold until it proved to be of no consumer interest or it aged out for other reasons. Now it is like smartphones, all kinds of constant "upgrade" opportunities and enticements when really the merits in doing so seem to often simply be that the previous version was rushed to market, gained user feedback and then a new version comes out. Kind of exhausting really.
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  11. k1n0n3
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  12. Beagle
  13. zackzack
    Anybody knows where the QUADs are manufactured?
    Some of their low end speakers are made in China
  14. E1DA
    actually, the country of origin have to be mentioned on the product or on its giftbox. IAG has a big factory in china/janxi, and they produce there at least pro-audio stuff. I'm working with IAG as a freelance Pro-audio designer and recently I offered them my USB PowerDAC for ERA1, however, the guy responsible for the Quad sound refused that because of "too much HiFi(high fidelity) sounding DAC", he said something like that - Quad sound shouldn't be too much detailed to don't disturb listen to a music :wink: I remember also that ERA1 had a lot of SPL with my PowerDAC due to 20ohm impedance, hence it was 625mW of power. My he400i (42ohm) with the same PowerDAC is certainly not so loud.
  15. k1n0n3
    Front of the box states: “Designed & engineered in the United Kingdom”,
    Back: “Made in China”
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