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Qobuz lowers streaming prices

Discussion in 'Music' started by toolio, Oct 28, 2013.
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  1. toolio
    For those who are interested in high-quality streaming, the French music service Qobuz has announced that they will soon reduce prices for their CD-quality streaming by about one-third. They also announced expansion to a number of new countries. I use this service, and enjoy it immensely. I signed up from Canada and paid using a Canadian PayPal account. I have never encountered geoblocking using their streaming service in Canada or in Brazil (where I spend most of my time). Some have noted that if this happens, you can simply contact Qobuz and they will remove geoblocking from your account. Although the site is still in French only, Quobuz recently released an English version of their ios app and because the UK and Ireland are among the new countries I imagine they will soon offer an English version of their site.
  2. hughwi
    I just want to add to this, they are now offering 1 month free trials of their lossless streaming service (and it appears to be £19.99/month usually).
    I am trialling this, as I was looking for a lossless streaming service for my SONUS system (who they have just partnered with).

    Its a shame that the desktop application doesnt have a Radio function like Spotify...
    The library seems quite large, although it is missing a few large labels.
  3. islandman
    I have had Qobuz about 6 weeks now.  No way I'm going back to 320kbps.  Incredible sound.
  4. toolio
    I have now been using Qobuz for many months and find the quality of music absolutely fantastic (for a streaming service). The selection is fine, although not outstanding. However, I wish they would improve the interface and language choice. I live in Brazil but want my interface to be in English. Portuguese would also be fine, but I don't think Qobuz offers Portuguese. All I ever get is French. As far as I can see. the language of your individual interface relates to the country Qobuz assigns to you account--particularly for those who do not live where the service is OFFICIALLY sold.  (I have never had any problem using the service here or in Canada, where I also spend time.) Or it depends on where you are geographically. I could swear that while in Canada the web interface and iPad app switched to English, but my aging brain may be playing tricks on me :)
    Give me an English interface everywhere I go and I'll be much happier. Surely since Qobuz has  interfaces in various languages it should not be difficult for them to allow users to choose their language of preference. It's a big world and not everybody in each  country prefers the same language.
  5. islandman
    Qobuz has already announced they are not officially in the U.S. until the latter part of the year.  I don't know about Brazil, but it looks like the same situation.   They are allowing people to sign up if you email them at support@qobuz.com.  I used Google Translate to set up my account as far as I could go in English.  But some is still in French.  But hold on!  They are coming in full force!!!
  6. toolio
    As I mentioned, I have been using the service for some time. I signed up in Brazil, but used a Canadian credit card. They do not officially sell their service in either country, but I had no problem becoming a user--nor did I have to send them an email. It might have helped that I used a VPN routing through a server in France to do the initial signup (but no VPN is needed for me to use the service anywhere in the world). I understand they sell their service in the U.K, with English available. For that matter, I know English is available because I have seen it. All they need to is to allow customers to choose their preferred language in the account configuration. One would think that would be relatively easy.
  7. SunTanScanMan
    Started using Qobuz Hifi as a one month trial a few weeks ago. Had been using Spotify premium before then. Think I will stick with Qobuz. It seems to have a very decent classical music library.
    I have Qobuz desktop app, and have everything in English. Signed up from the UK site.
  8. islandman

    Qobuz is offering a special.  If you you pay for one year in advance the price will drop 50.00.  Currently, Qobuz HD streaming averages 27.25 p/month.  Paying 267.00 (199.00 euro) in advance for the whole year the average drops to 22.50.  
    As an added bonus, you will be able to download 24bit hi-rez music at 50% off for 3 months!
    I see this as a good strategy for Qobuz to fund their launch into the U.S.  Since I am already paying the 27.25 per month I am going to do this.
    As this point, their streaming has the best resolution.
  9. toolio
    I received the email about this today. But because my French sucks, I couldn't figure out whether I can tack another year onto my existing subscription to use this offer. Have you figured out whether this is possible?
  10. islandman
  11. TraceKira
    flac sounds great on my hd650
  12. SunTanScanMan
    I changed from the qobuz hifi (FLAC 16.44.1) streaming to the basic (320kbps) subscription in order to put more money into buying CDs. Saving about £15 per month. I notice very little, if any difference in the sound quality of music I'm listening to. Very happy.[​IMG]
  13. dannyking
    Hey guys,
    I just subscribed to the trial of qobuz, the french version. However it seems like I'm only limed to french tracks. I subscribed from canada and every time I try to search for english songs, there is always an error. I see all these songs on qobuz uk but I can't seem to find them on my desktop or iPhone app. Please let me know if this can be fixed. Thank you.
  14. toolio

    I also subscribed from Canada and my subscription is tied to Qobuz France. However I have access to tracks in English, French and other languages. The interface is in French because that part of things depends on the country you selected as your "home" when you subscribed. That's annoying, but should not limit you to French tracks. However, the selection will vary from country to country because of rights issues. For example, the selection may vary somewhat between Qobuz, France and Qobuz UK. I'm not really sure what's going on with your French-tracks-only thing.
  15. dannyking
    Yeah I'm not really sure too. There was an included 

    I'm not quite sure too. There was an included playlist called quobuz en but even that one has most songs greyed out.  When I tried going for the one month subscription, it said it wasn't available in canada. Not sure if that's part of the problem.  Please can you confirm if you can play any song on these albums? Michael jackson, thriller.   logic (rapper) under pressure.    On the website, when I switch to the uk, I can play these songs but I'm pretty sure they aren't lossless.  
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