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QDC white Tiger released, it’s a 6BA+2EST

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A week ago I had a chance to demo the entire QDC lineup and they were amazingly good for the price! It's striking how well the qdc8's hold up against the Layla and U18.

On the other hand, the Gemini pair I demo'd was not quite similar to the qdc8 in bass boost mode. I liked the Gemini with bass boost turned off, but ultimately they didn't seem to offer a lot more than the (incredibly good) qdc 8's.
the 8's is still my favorite range from QDC.
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I just got the QDC Neptune and i got to say, its mighty impressive for a single BA IEM.

Im still listening to it and have yet to burn-in them so consider these my early impressions.

Using my Cayin N3, the resolution and the clarity of the Neptune is simply incredible. It is highly detailed and has a very revealing tuning.

Personally i would disagree with Bina's review about the Neptune. I wouldnt consider the Neptune warm at all. In fact, the amount of treble might cause some who are more sensitive to find it fatiguing for long listening sessions. High quality songs (FLAC) are preferable for the Neptune as it will reveal the lower quality of low bitrate mp3s (192-128kbps).

The bass is very mildly boosted above neutral so bass lovers would reach for the EQ slider. Otherwise, the bass is very accurate and it has just adequate sub-bass rumble when the song calls for it. Personally i would like a tiny bit more bass. (And GOD do i miss the increadible subwoofer-like rumble of the CKR-9)

The mids and highs again are where the iem really shines. It is very crisp, revealing and has superb instrument separation. I have heard the ER4-XR and frankly I find the Neptune slightly more revealing (possibly due to the slightly boosted mids). Highs are also very well handled, cymbal crashes come out crisp and clear without being ear piercing. The higher end of the spectrum is rolled off but in a way that doesnt affect the detail retrieval and airiness of the IEM.

The differences between our impressions may be due to the differences in player usage and the type of music we listen to. I listen to more instrumental music (Game, Movie, Series, Anime Soundtracks) than i do pop music.

Thats my 2 cents so far.
that's a great entry level IEM. Beats so many other higher prices ones (even from the QDC own range in my opinion)
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I'll write something about 8CH (since this is the one I ended up ordering), and I was promised that the custom version sounds very similar to the universal except with better bass control due to the custom fit.

I'll have to wait and see if it's true, but as it stands IMO the 8SH is about as good as you can get for an 8ba IEM with clean vocals and very very good treble control and musicality. The Gemini basically bolts a more vocal-forward and bass-heavy mode on to that experience.

I should mention that the build quality for all of the demos were absolutely amazing. Everything was polished and finished to perfection. No bubbles, inconsistencies in material or anything. I honestly can't think of any other CIEM brand with better fit and finish. It's that good.
never understood why the gemini were so much more popular than the 8sh
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Hi guys, has anyone tried comparing the qdc (8 series/gemini/VX) vs inear PP8? The reason i ask is because i do not have easy access to qdc products in my location, and i want to be absolutely sure before purchasing the PP8.. cheers!
Hi, for me the qdc 8sh are more musical than the PP8. I found the PP8 good but never could get really excited about the music when using them.
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The Tiger has its focus on sounding very clear and clean, like most QDC higher end earphones. Generally, it is on the brighter side of the spectrum and sounds really very detailed and has great instrument separation (more than any other earphone in my signature, that are all in the arround 1000 Dollar class). It has a slight accentuation to the mids, so voices sound euphoric. Still I would not consider it to sound particularly warm, it’s just a bit warmer than the other QDC high end earphones (for example Anole VX).
Bass isn`t super emphasized and more kind of "blends in" with the rest of the frequencies. It reaches quite low though, and to me is surprisingly satisfying for BA bass (usually I am a lover of dynamic driver bass and it`s been a while since I purchased a BA bass IEM). In addition, the Tiger is a "fast" IEM (meaning tones fade quickly).
Sound stage is quite holographic imo and definitely gives you an out of head feeling or the feeling of listening to your music from a slight distance (though voices are being pulled a bit to the front). I really like the Tiger! :)

Hope that helps!
I agree all your words. Tiger is really a great iem on every audio range and for me essential. Tiger and my Aür Audio Neon Pro simply great iems.
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Anole VX becomes an absolute bass monster with the bass switch flipped. It's too much. But...if you flip all the switches(1-1-1), it's actually pretty engaging and fun. A guilty pleasure. Well, I don't feel guilty at all actually.
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Anole VX becomes an absolute bass monster with the bass switch flipped. It's too much. But...if you flip all the switches(1-1-1), it's actually pretty engaging and fun. A guilty pleasure. Well, I don't feel guilty at all actually.
For me bass switch no good on Vx. On mids and treble is more reasonable.

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