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How IS it priced and what were your impressions of the sound of the three in comparison?

I have compared the Tiger and Dmagic 3D and found the biggest difference in Mids and Treble. The Tiger definitely has a better resolution and extends further....and also a quite noticeable lift in the mids. The Dmagic sounds flatter in comparison. I wouldn`t say is has more bass quantity than the Tiger, but because the mids are not lifted, the perception of bass of the Dmagic is different and it feels like it has more mid bass quantity. Though both are definitely not bass focussed IEMs.
How does the Folk sound like?

I agree that the Tiger is definitely more detailed of the 3. I may have done injustice to the 3D as I didn't have an amp with me yesterday. Without an amp on the 3D, the Folk sounded more engaging, mids more in your face (but not too much). Bass both punchy and slams just enough. Highs are textured sharp, defined. So far been playing pop, r&b genres and I quite enjoy how the Folk plays them.
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It's amazing how how pricing affects one's perception of a product - (at least for me)

I tried the Folk today, didn't know the price, no clue at all. Before trying out the Folk, I tried the 3D and Tiger, both whose prices were tagged in front of me (the Folk doesn't)

After listening to the Folk - I was convined that it was priced slightly above the 3D and below the Tiger. Then after a few hours, I checked the price, was honestly surprised that I have over estimated it's pricing! Talk about punching WWAAYYYYY over it's asking price! Plus some CanJam special pricing even pulled the pricing down (a bit)...I'm one happy camper! :beerchug::beyersmile::ksc75smile:

The Folk is priced at about $331 directly from QDC, the rest are margins for retailing.
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Folk looks tempting :)
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Hi, do you have the chance to demo vx? If so, how does it compare with folk, 3D and Tiger?
Vx without switches on: Relatively flat and neutral, so super clean and detailed (especially in the treble) that it sounds almost „hyper realistic“. Has some HD 800 vibes imo (of course without that super expansive sound stage).

Tiger: Similar timbre as Vx, but other, slightly more mid oriented signature, that let it sound more euphoric and a bit thicker, especially voices. Still sounds super clean and detailed.

3D: Similar relatively flat signature as VX, but very different timbre, that sounds realistic in the true sense of the word, very natural and organic (meaning tones melt together as a whole instead of „carving“ each of them out). Downside is, it has less details than the other two (very good though, especially for DD).
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The Folk is priced at about $331 directly from QDC, the rest are margins for retailing.
Where did you find this price? So far all the sites I checked were higher.
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Where did you find this price? So far all the sites I checked were higher.
You can buy directly from them on taobao.com with help of a translation tool perhaps. They even provide integrated international shipping methods at checkout that costs less than $20 even to the US. But for paying a foreign retailer the extra, you do get to communicate with them in your language for support. Though in cases like with Shenzhenaudio.com you will still need to ship back to China for return or exchange.
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Got my new QDC V14 folks at Watercooler didn’t much say about it, I guess Fir, 64audio,Noble, FatFreq etc are more popular bass accessible there
Frankly it’s a better AüR Aure, for me
Other iems not even close to the level of Qdc/AuR, I’ve tried a lot of totl iems in the recent CanJam


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If I had to describe qdc Folk in one word, it would be "vocal".

People either love or hate the sound of vocals pushed forward, but these earphones are a great gift for those who prefer it.

The bass and treble resolution are great, but they're only there to decorate the vocals. They're never overdone or underdone, they just hold their own.

Even those who don't like that kind of sound will want to give them a listen.
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No, I doesn't

15 ohms

1 BA
1 dynamic
1 flat panel
“Flat panel” is planar btw, I realize it’s a direct Chinese translation here. Kind of like “moving coil” equals DD.

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