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Sep 25, 2002
How are the pro 750's with vocals?  Have read in other threads that the 750's/900's are great for base and some have said the 750's are good for female vocals, but primarily I read more that they are the phone to have for electronic/trance?
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Jul 7, 2008
I had the Ultrasone PL- 650 for mixing and they're the most balanced between the Ultrasone models, but still very aggressive sounds...eventually I moved to the K-702 + Mogami cable. If you're used to the AKG sound house go with the Q.
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Peter Pinna

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Jun 4, 2008
I'm answering your post after such a long time because I haven't been on Head-fi for over two years.  Regarding positioning as it relates to the S-Logic effect, for many people, positioning the cups so that the ear canal is in the center of the cup gives the best possibility for hearing the S-Logic effect.  To achieve this depends on the shape of one's outer ears.  Because of the shape and size of my ears, by way of example, it is necessary for me to have the front of my ears close to the inside front of the ear pads so that my ear canal is centered.  For you it seems as though it is necessary for you to place the back of your ear near the inside rear of the pad to hear the S-Logic effect.  You might try experimenting with this some. 
Some recordings reveal the S-Logic effect better than others even with proper positioning.  I have encountered a number classical music recordings that really cause the S-Logic to "shine".  One example is a particular recording of Scheherazade played by the Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Eugene Ormandy.  When listening to this recording the instruments are quite distinct in their placement as they surround on all sides.  It's a wonderful listening experience. 
Another factor I've discovered about hearing S-Logic is try to relax the thought processes and try not to expect to hear it.  There truly is what I will call a "brain factor" involved in hearing the S-Logic (some have called this "brain burn-in").  Someone I know wanted to hear the S-Logic so much that he became a little tense about it.  That tension of expectation actually blocked his brain from perceiving the S-Logic effect.  After he was distracted from his expective thoughts and started thinking about something else more condusive to relaxation, he started hearing the instruments in the band surround him which caused him to proclaim loudly "I hear it! I hear it!"  Then he started pointing to the position of where the various specific instruments were surrounding him.
Sometimes, the S-Logic is innately faint because of the way the music was recorded.  Recordings using a direct wire method of recording (wire to electric piano, wire to electric bass, etc.) tend to not reveal the S-Logic effect as much as recordings using an "open" method of microphone placement even though these "wired" instruments are panned to specific positions.  Some older Jazz "Big Band" recordings sound incredible in the sense of the S-Logic surround partly because of the "open room" microphone placement. 
I hope this helps. 
Incidentally, After six years of frequent listening I still very much enjoy my Pro 750s. In my opinion, their perceived accuracy is incredible as long as the amp you are using is not "colored". 
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May 18, 2011
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The Pro 750 is great with vocals.  I can say this from experience because I am a vocalist. 

I just dug out my Ultrasone Pro 750 in order to sell it, since I didn't use it a long time as I had so many other headphones come and go. Anyhow, just put them on my head and there is now no way I can sell them. I have to keep them. They are still amazing, build quality is top, sound is amazing to me, just the way I want it. They got back on one of the top spots of my rotation. The Q701 now have to go ( something has to...) 
Cheers and cool to revive this old threat.

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