q-JAYS gone qUITE
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Feb 8, 2008
I have had this pair of q-JAYS for about 9 months, and they have been a dream to own and listen to, I've babied
this pair never gotten them wet, never used them to work out, but three days ago I was mowing my lawn, got a little sweaty and as I was pulling the left earphone out it sucked a drop of sweat onto the filter. Fearing the driver might get wet i pulled off the foamiest, removed the filters, saw no moisture, but decided to let them dry off for a day or so just in case.
A day later, I come back, put 'em in and the left earphone sounds muffled compared to the other one
, even after changing then removing the filters, then removing them all together, it still sounds like the higher frequencies are muted com paired to the unaffected right earphone, or the volume might be lower all together I can't quite tell for sure
. Even today the sound is similar, what do you think happened, and should I be expecting to pack 'em up and ship them off to their homeland for warranty work? I'd appreciate any advice or sugguestions of whats going on, thanks
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How about this: Get some strong dehumidifier pack from store, put it next to q-JAYS in a small container for a day or two. If you still find the sound muffed after that, then you probably need to send it back for a (internal) filter exchange

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