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Q: EAC/AccurateRip databases, morituri for linux

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by anoobis, Aug 7, 2018.
  1. anoobis
    So many questions! I'll try to keep it brief (kind of) to start with.

    I'm using a program called morituri to rip to flac but am having trouble making sense of the results, partly because I don't fully understand how it uses the MusicBrainz and AccurateRip databases. (BTW, I'm aware of whipper, a newer alternative, but it isn't available as a package for my distro.)

    So, insert a new CD. From what I can gather, it primarily checks MusicBrainz to access metadata/tags. Will it use anything else, it does produce the freeDB ID?

    First confusing result. Often a number of releases (pressings?) are found. How are you supposed to select the correct one, morituri just seems to pick one. Will the checksums be wrong if the wrong release is used?

    Let's suppose we've now ripped the CD and all seems well. How to interpret the confidence and accuracy? I think this comes solely from AccurateRip and is done at the end, i.e. not as each track is ripped. (Anyone know what checks are done during the track rip?)

    This is from a CD of Mendellsohn recordings
    9 tracks, each with confidence 3 of 21, except for one which is 2 of 21.

    On the face of it, there are 21 entries in the database, where my rips match 3. Hmm. However, it also reports that there are 6 AccurateRip responses found and only one release. So where does the 21 come from? The fact that mine matches other people's indicates a successful rip but then the vast majority don't. I note that the log files drop the 'of y' part, so how significant is it?

    I get more weirdness but I'll leave it there for now!

    Having gone through all that, is there an appropriate alternative, since it is extraordinarily slow, as in 20-30min per CD slow?

    And that was supposed to be brief, sorry...
  2. anoobis
    Part 2, Yes, there's more.

    In addition to new rips, I do have existing flac and wav files. Many were created using cdparanoia, which tends to do a good job of reading and checking. Is there a way to use these to get the correct MusicBrainz information and tag (/convert to flac and tag)? I'm guessing this can't be done on an individual track basis?

    Is it possible to verify the tracks? Again, can this be done for a track or does it require the full album?
  3. anoobis
    Bump, anyone?
  4. anoobis
    Not expecting much here but I don't know where else to ask. Have a CD that is not found during the MusicBrainz look-up but is in the database, as well as FreeDB.

    Here's the info:

    CDDB disc id: fc0ff312
    MusicBrainz disc id ITg3Ao6PkquCDMMaClLuEOIWq6E-
    MusicBrainz lookup URL http://mm.musicbrainz.org/bare/cdlo...640&tracks=18&id=ITg3Ao6PkquCDMMaClLuEOIWq6E-
    Disc duration: 01:08:03.160, 18 audio tracks

    Disc is Neil Diamond Tennessee Moon. I believe the MusicBrainz release ID is e1a0ca94-653f-4ae5-a161-1715740c2fc5

    Am I genuinely getting a disc ID that hasn't been submitted, is there an issue with the database, or something else? It seems strange that the FreeDB (CDDB) ID is valid but not MusicBrainz. Is anyone able to verify the ID I'm getting (ITg3...)?

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