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Q-Audio (Steve Eddy)

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  1. sridhar3
    I was a bit surprised to find nobody had started a feedback thread, so I figured I would.  I'm certainly not the first person to receive a cable from Steve Eddy of Q, and I definitely won't be the last.
    Purchased HiFiMan HE-6 headphone cables, along with several adapters and a pair of RCA interconnects.  Steve was excellent with communication, kept me up to date on order fabrication progress, and shipped promptly.  Upon receipt of cables, I was experiencing a minor issue with the cable, which Steve rectified quickly.  Excellent cables backed by top-notch service.
    Thanks Steve!
  2. WarriorAnt
    Where can one buy Q-Audio cables?
  3. nick n
    I just did a search and came up empty. What's up with that. Is there a purchase point or website? EDIT sourced it out only through a forum posting.
    wow NICE looking stuff.
  4. WarriorAnt
    When my 3 meter headphone cable from Q Audio Cables arrived in the mail and I opened it I was surprised to find just how lightweight the cable felt as I held it in my hand.  Lighter and more flexible than any cable I have ever experienced.  Replacing the Audeze stock cable with the Q proved to be the ultimate in ergonomic enhancement. No longer did I feel like I had a small hose running from my head down my chest through the air to my rig like a cable on a suspension bridge.  Well, at least thats what the stock cable felt like once I replaced it with the softer more flexible Q cable.  Ergonomically the Q disappears when you use it. You simply do not realize it is on your LCD's while you are listening to music.  You can place it anyway you want and it will stay there and not become an insistent intrusion on your listening experience.  The Q is worth it just for that pleasure alone. 
    But pleasant and practical ergonomics is just a side benefit that comes with the cable, the real value is the impressive sonic performance of the cable itself.   I was not expecting any noticeable improvement in sonic quality with my LCDs by switching out the stock cable and I was very surprised and impressed when I did. The first attribute that I noticed right away was the overall CLARITY of the signal the Q delivers to the LCD.  Upgrading to the Q cable allows the LCD to be more of what it already is. The stock cable is definitely holding the LCD back acting in many ways as a filter on the signal.  After 2 days of burn in and then 3 more days of comparison I found the stock cable to be smearing the finer detail within the music. The stock cable was adding a small amount of congestion and a bit of hardness to the more dynamic passages, especially in the upper region, low level detail was slightly soft and a bit more defocused, and a veil was impeding the overall transparency of the music.  
    The artifacts created by the stock cable are not so readily apparent until you insert the Q into the sonic equation. With the Q there is more transparency to the music at hand, everything in the sonic presentation is cleaner and clearer and adds up to the one word that kept coming to mind, Clarity.   This clarity brings improvements in all areas of reproduction for the LCD to prove its Ortho stuff.  Detail is more precise and has better separation but it is not analytical, edged or artificial, it's simply clean, transparent, smooth and cohesive.  Because the detail is more clearly defined and presented, smaller, softer low level inner detail gives the soundfield a deeper sense of depth and dimension, this creates better definition overall in the context of the soundfield and leads to better imaging.  Rendering of the smallest detail is a delight with the Q, they are exciting to discover, bringing you closer to the music. One of the improvements the r.2 has over the r.1 I feel is its ability to better layer the detail in the soundfield and it does an even finer job using the Q cable. It is even easier to hear into the space of the sound field in a recording.  
     The Q opens up the soundstage, the clarity of the detail allows for more air around the instruments, there is more of a palpable feel to them and an increased realism.  There is more precise tighter imaging and more ambient detail.  It is as if the Q is simply getting out of the way of the overall signal and letting it pass unimpeded whereas the stock cable is to some degree adding a filtering signature to the signal.
    The Q exhibits excellent control over dynamic passages, transients hold together with no break up or restriction, whereas with the stock cable congestion seems to be the outcome of some type of dynamic restriction, more often in the upper region.  High energy transients with the Q are portrayed with a clean effortless deliverance.  Cymbals have a shimmer that is clean, solid, and finely detailed adding to their realism,  whereas the stock cable portrays of softer less defined type of detail which for me robs a little bit of the excitement and realism.  There is no sense of the slight smearing of the detail with the Q as there seems to be with the stock cable.  Chimes, shakers, bells, cymbals are all more realistic and vibrant, again due to that little bit of extra detail coming through.
    With the Q I found instruments such as drums to have more dynamic impact. More tightness to their surface, this being the outcome of the very clarity of detail the Q allows the LCD's to receive.  The black background in which the musical setting is presented seems blacker now with the Q than the stock cable. Voices come out of the background and seem more realistic and solid.  Piano is rendered with clearer transients and cleaner harmonic detail and control.  Bass has a bit more dynamic definition and palpable sense than the stock cable with a bit more detail and a touch less bloat. Some may think the less bloat description to mean less bass. It does not. The bass is not negatively effected, if anything it is a bit cleaner.  
    The LCD's are even more exciting now with the Q cable than they were before with the stock cable.   Some of the differences I experienced between the two cables can are noticeable right away and some are less noticeable but become more apparent and more finely substantial as you listen and experience the Q cable with time.  For instance the clarity of the cable is noticeable right way, it leads to the discovery of all the other benefits the Q has to offer the LCD.  Increased transparency, a more open soundstage, better layering, more realism from the cleaner less veiled more finely defined detail. It is a discovery of better, cleaner, signal transfer that continues on as you play more of the tunes you are familiar with and with each tune your appreciation will grow.  That is what happened with me. The more I listen the more the smallest improvements became apparent and began to add up into a more exciting experience. 
    With the Q Cable you get better ergonomics over the stock cable and you will extend the LCD experience to another level of refinement.
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  5. canyondust
    Ordered a 1.5m black Q for my LCD-2s.... can't wait to get rid of the stock flat ribbon cable! :wink:
  6. canyondust
    Dear Steve Eddy:
    Thank you so much for such a fantastic product. Your cable is a work of art. Elegantly packaged, it looks and handles beautifully, and I was not quite prepared for how much it improved the sound. Way more than I was expecting a copper-swap to be. Are they new cans? No, of course not... but the SQ is undeniably better.
  7. Steve Eddy
    Thank you for the kind words, guys.
    Damn, I didn't even know this was here until another customer pointed me to it a moment ago.
    Guess I should subscribe. [​IMG]
  8. rgs9200m
    Q-Audio is a great cable for the LCD2 (I have the Rev2 LCD2). I have the 3.5 meter Q-cable 1/4-inch for my LCD2s and after A/B comparison with the stock cable found the Q to be a significant improvement.
    There is an overall sense of ease, naturalness, and a better more 3D soundstage. There is better image definition, and the images have better outlines, more realistic as opposed to paper-cutouts.
    It is not brighter than the stock cable, but there is more detail, good see-into-the-music detail, but not hyper-anything. The bass is especially more controlled and a bit more transparent.
    Vocals and other mids have more pleasant substance, too. This is a nice fatigue-free cable, I would say.
    It's also great ergonomically, light like string. It's so nice I may try the XLR version.
  9. Nick01
    Dear Steve,
    Please make your wonderful cable available to HD800 owners. I'll buy it quicker than you can utter the word Q Audio.
  10. Steve Eddy

    You'll have to be a bit quicker than that as the official name of the company is just "Q". :D

    I'd be doing a cable for the HD-800 if it weren't for those !@#$% connectors Sennheiser chose to use for the 800's.

    I may revisit the issue, or perhaps just offer some "earrings," i.e. a short cable with an HD-800 connector on one end and a male mini-XLR on the other.


  11. fukunchn
    Hi All,
    I purchased a "Blackmagic" Cable with an Adapter from Steve for my lcd-2. This cable is much better than the stock cable. I am going to buy another one for my HE6.
    Thank you very much Steve for doing such a wonderful product.
    Kindest Regards
  12. Pudu
    Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of very happy Q customers. My Q cable is wonderful - light, soft, natural. It exudes quality and class, two things which are often hard to find in the world of electronics. I love the design and production philosophy Steve has with regards to the environment as well.

    The thing that really stands out is Steve's manner of doing business - unmatched in my experience - and I hesitate to use the term 'doing business' because it's not like your standard online ordering experience. He's incredibly personable and helpful, while being super responsive and very professional. There's no hard sell at Q-Audio - really no 'sell' at all :wink: . He makes a fantastic, responsible product and if you're interested he'll help you out with what you need.

    I never thought I'd opt for an aftermarket cable - however I have no reservations about my decision on this particular purchase.
  13. sridhar3
    Got some speaker cables from Steve.  Awesome!  Cables came exactly as requested.  Excellent attention to detail.  Great cables and great service.
  14. snaps11
    I have had fantastic luck dealing with this guy.  I wish you the best....
  15. wharfrat1
    I got an LCD-2 cable from Steve.  The cable is of top notch quality, and as others have said, it makes a huge difference over the stock cable.  It just takes the LCD-2's clarity to another level.  Steve went out of his way to make sure I got the cable before I left for a trip, so it would not have to sit outside the cold for 4 days.  Great product + great service = great company.  I highly recommend checking out these cables!
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