PX100 woes
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Dec 22, 2005
Hey, recently my set of PX100s was damaged at the 3.5mm conector and i needed to chop it off and replace it. When the cable was stripped i was faced with 4 seperate cables 2 gold ones (one on each side) a red one and a green one. I was wondering what goes where and if i shud solder it onto the new 3.5mm conector.
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A total of 4 wires. Two are ground lines for each Right and Left channels. Find out which are the ground lines, and which is the left and which is the right channel. Then solder them to the corresponding points on the new plug.

Also, since there are two ground lines, solder them both to the plug. I twisted them together and soldered them to the Ground point on the plug.
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hmmmm, i place the seperate cables tightly to each of the solder points while it is inserted into my ipod while playing and nothing is comming out. I know they are not busted above that area of the cable. Shud i hear sound if i contact the cables to the jack while playing?
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ok, i've had 4 beers so this might not sound clear:

You should hear sound if you touch the correct ground line and Right/Left channel to the soldering points on the plug. When I recabled my SR80s that's how I identified the Right and Left channels.

Oh yeah, I used this diagram to help me out:
And also,
Earth = Ground
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I don't know if I understood you right, but touching wires to the solder pads one at a time won't help. It's a fair bet the two gold wires are ground, so touch both of them to the ground tab, at the same time touch one of the other wires to another tab, and see which ear spits out sound.

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