PX100 vs PX200, Faulty vs Authentic
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Feb 19, 2008

I just would like to know your opinion: which headphones are better Sennheiser PX100 or Sennheiser PX200.

Also, what is the difference between Authentic Sennheiser PX200 and Faulty ones? How to notice a difference?

Please, help me... I have already ordered PX200 and I am not sure if they are authentic

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PX200's suck. No lows at all, hard to get fit. Cancel now, I'd say.
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The PX100s are one of the best sounding cheap headphones and the PX200s are not. However PX200s are closed, which means they don't leak sound so badly to all those around you.
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If you start out going from stock headphones and go up to the PX-200's you'll be impressed, but over time, as I did, I came to the conclusion that the PX-200's got worse after every headphone/iem/earbud purchase. It's the first purchase that went from love them to absolutely hate them in two years. If you still have the chance, for the sake of your ears, cancel and go for the PX-100's which are night and day in comparison to the PX-200's.
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i currently own the PX100. and they are just GREAT. if u are not an audiophile like me since im assuming ur not since ur asking for a comparison between PX200 and PX100, these are so good for the money. they are very lightweight and great sound quality. sometimes i forget i have them on since they are so comfy and light. excellent bass response. this was definently a good choice. ive been reading reviews on the PX200, people say PX100 are better. you will not be disappointed in PX100, i guarantee it.

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