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Pw Audio Xerxes

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  1. tomcourtenay
    For Sale
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    • Anywhere
    For sell my PW Audio Xerxes 4 wire (2 pin 2,5 mm)

    In perfect condition, its probably the most confortable cable i tried.

    Price: 280€ (shipping included)

    Tapping on his vast experience with copper based and silver based cables, Peter Wong has set out to create a new range of products, known as the "Vanquish" series, to mark a new era of PWaudio products.

    Featuring a unique geometry and wire design based on his "Sevenfold Pipe" series, together with his knowledge of different types and grades of cable materials, PWaudio has created the Xerxes.

    Xerxes is a groundbreaking cable with 3 different materials combined for the first time in a 7 bundle Litz configuration - copper, gold-plated copper and single crystal silver. Drawing the best characteristics from all the materials used, Xerxes presents a fun, musical sound with a very high level of resolution and a large, holographic soundstage.


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