Push-pull Circuitry
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Headphoneus Supremus
Nov 7, 2008
Upper Tundra, USA
A while back there was a PC magazine that stated that the first generation shuffle was pretty much the cats pajamas when it came to sound quality. The theory was that it utilized "push-pull" circuit design.

Do you all think this was in fact a great sounding unit? Was it due to the circuit design? Do any other ipods have a similar design?

Do you think any other ipods sound as good as the shuffle?

What is your rank ordering of your favorite ipods.

Why ipods you may ask? Why not discuss sony or Cowon? Because I, like many others, have given in to the whole itunes deal and don't want to deal with special utilities to manage portable players.

Have at it!
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The Hiss King
Aug 9, 2006
my shuffle is one of my favourites for sports: purposely i take it along with me when i am doing anything a bit extreme. i did have one that failed though.

the sound is good despite the hiss and the stage is amazing. i love the thing very much.

however, i think despite a bit less bass or a less dry bass, my new touch 2g is with less hiss a better audio player.

i believe that since the classic and 2g touch and 4g nano, push pull has been applied across all lines except the later shuffle.

whether you like it or not is up to you. despite push pull, the new touch at least sounds amazing but hasn't a huge bass though the definition is much bettter than the old one.

cowon do not have push pull, sony do (i own two) but they really hiss quite badlly. the new s639 is reported to not hiss but so has the old versions that really do hiss. the stock phones do not hiss too badly but use anything else and it is like a hiss fest.

i have owned from iriver, meizu, cowon, sony, kenwood, panasonic etc. in the end, i chose my ipod touch as my favourite but i know itunes is not for everyone. for me, i have not used a better audio player.

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