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Purging for Sale Elear, Hiby R6, EX1000, XB90EX, iSine VR (10), RHA CL1/Dacamp L1, etc

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by talan7, Apr 29, 2018.
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  1. talan7
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    Best offer:
    Price drops!!! Purging-for sale; lots of lightly used gear, most like new. US only, prices include shipping and paypal fees.
    Willing to trade items. Items I’m interested in are;
    TH900 Mk II
    Grado PS1000
    All in very good to excellent condition.

    Hiby R6: A couple of months old. 9.5/10. All accessories included. Sold as a bundle with iSine 10 below
    IMG_4433.JPG IMG_5339.JPG

    Sony EX1000: 9/10 with all accessories; with 2.5 balanced silver plated copper cable, handmade from Russia. I purchased the cable from an overseas head-fier for $175. The cable warms up the bass, midbass and lower mids and smooths out the treble. Also comes with balanced 2.5 to balanced 3.5 adapter and balanced 2.5 to stereo 3.5 adapter so you don't have to change cables. PLUS: MMCX to Sony EX1000 adapters ($160 value). They work wonderfully. You can use all your MMCX cables with the EX1000 with these. I had them hand made in Japan. I had to even converse in Japanese emailing the man who made them. Japanese translator came in handy. Sold as bundle with Trinity phantom master
    IMG_5981.JPG IMG_7172.JPG IMG_3396.JPG IMG_6425.JPG

    Audeze iSine VR (10); all acessories. Sold as a bundle with Hiby R6

    RHA Dacamp L1/CL1 ceramic bundle. Amp has very light use, earphone is like new.
    Bundle and save. Both come with all accessories and 2-2.5 trrs female to mini 4 pin adapters. One is a cable, the other, direct. Use all your 2.5 balanced cables with the Dacamp. Sold

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Radius NHR-31; all acessories included plus with balanced 2.5 cable. These really sound great with balanced cables. $75

    More Basssss!!!

    Sony XB90EX, like new, with all accessories. $175 or BO

    Trinity audio Phantom Master. With balanced adapter and accessories. Sold as bundle with EX1000

    Vorzuge Vorzamp Duo II; All acessories included. Used lightly, less than 6 months old. Awesome sound, but I have Vorzamp Duo already. Don't need 2. $500 Willing to trade on this item.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2018
  2. gaang
    jvc ha fw01 is available?
  3. talan7
    Yes, pm me if interested
  4. Superdrag81
    Are the se846's still available? Let me know and i'll start a pm with you - thx!
  5. craftyhack
    I would like to get that Xduoo XD-05 w/ Burson v5i please, PMed, thanks!
  6. talan7
  7. talan7
    I’ll get you an invoice tonight
  8. Nicolas2305
    Is the Hiby R6 still available?

    If so, which version is it and would you ship to Canada if I pay the price difference for shipping?

  9. talan7
    The aluminum version from the campaign that came with case and film protection.
    You would definitely need to pay for shipping. I will only ship priority with full insurance.
  10. Nicolas2305
    Thank you for the quick answer. Considering you're asking nearly the retail price in combination with other factors (customs, shipping, exchange rate, etc.) makes it less interesting. If I was in the USA it would be a different story.
  11. talan7
    I understand, these things are hot right now. It’s still pretty new, hardly any use, and I believe they are hard to get.
  12. talan7
    Bump, price drops
  13. gjp37

    what is your best price for the Hiby 6 with the Phantom Master please, shipped to GA USA?
  14. talan7
    Bump; price drops
  15. talan7
    Bump, price drops

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