Pure i-20 iPod/iPhone Dock as a DAC
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Nov 29, 2010
Hey there everyone!  I just stumbled upon what looks to be a new product.  An iPod/iPhone dock that is a DAC built in.  Has digital and analogue outs, as well as video.
I searched here at Head-Fi, didn't see anything posted, so thought I'd start a new thread.
Here is a link to their purchase page..  a quick search on the web does the rest!
Enjoy!  I think I will be ordering one of these after the holidays.
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Hmm...quite the interesting little product. I'll have to keep my eye on this one.
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im also eye-ing on this one...
sadly, no reviews on it yet really.
so far, id like one instead of the hrt istreamer, cypherlabs solo, onkyo, or wadia.
if this is really good, it WOULD BE REALLY A BANG FOR THE BUCK DOCK with DAC, and also output for external DAC of your choice.
great find, great item!
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here are the specs:
[size=1.1em] Input connectors: 30-pin iPod/iPhone connector, 7.5V DC power adapter socket (adapter supplied).[/size]

[size=1.1em] Optical digital audio out (S/PDIF): TOSLINK.[/size]

[size=1.1em] Coaxial digital audio out (S/PDIF): Coaxial phono.[/size]

[size=1.1em] Analogue audio out: Stereo phono.[/size]

[size=1.1em] Composite video out: Composite RCA.[/size]

[size=1.1em] Component video out: 3.5mm 4-pole TRRS connector (Custom PURE cable supplied).[/size]

[size=1.1em] S-Video out: 3.5mm 4-pole TRRS connector (PURE Choice accessory cable available separately).[/size]

[size=1.1em] Digital to Analogue Convertor: 24-bit 192 KHz.[/size]

[size=1.1em] Remote: Infrared remote control. CR2025 Battery included.[/size]

[size=1.1em] Mains power supply: 100-240V, 50/60Hz 7.5V DC 1.2A external power adapter.[/size]

[size=1.1em] Power consumption: 3.7W.[/size]

[size=1.1em] Approvals: CE marked. Compliant with the EMC and Low Voltage Directives (2004/108/EC and 2006/95/EC).[/size]

[size=1.1em] Dimensions (inches): 5.3 wide x 4.6 high x 2.9 deep.[/size]

[size=1.1em] Weight: 0.56 pounds[/size]

[size=1.1em]  [/size]

[size=1.1em]  [/size]

[size=1.1em]  [/size]

[size=1.1em] some helping notes:[/size]

[size=1.1em]  [/size]

[size=1.1em] -the i-20 has a Cirrus 4353 hi-fi quality DAC and high-precision low-jitter clock which not only improves sound quality, but also allows consumers with older hi-fis or radios to be able to listen to their iPod without having to buy a new hi-fi or radio with digital ports or a streaming dock.[/size]

[size=1.1em]  [/size]

[size=1.1em] - This makes the Pure i-20 iPod dock the more cost-effective solution to getting the best digital sound from your dock and this is all made possible thanks to the Pure Clearsound digital tech which is used to extract digital audio from the dock through to the connected audio components.[/size]

[size=1.1em]  [/size]

[size=1.1em] -Apple has also given the i-20 dock its stamp of approval which means that it will work just fine with either your iPod or iPod touch[/size]

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And at half the price of hte ND-S1, this also has a digital pass-through. So I can skip switching on the PC and just dock the iPod to use the same DAC and amp. Now I can't decide whether I'll get this for my 5g or the X3 when it comes out.
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I can state the iPad does work with the Pure i20, but strangely the i20 remote does not work for it - haven't tried the digital pass through yet.
The remote does work for iPod and iPhone4. I can't detect any 50Hz buzz/hum. The output of the dac is high quality, but if you really like it is a matter of taste and hairsplitting I guess. If you don't like it there is the digital pass-through (or try a tube-amp...). I think it is good value for the money but can't compare it directly to the newest Wadia dock that also can accomodate the iPhone and iPad.
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Ok - after listening for some days to various devices the iPad started to disconnect/reconnect to the i20 this morning just after the previous post... All other devices still connect and work fine. The iPad is not on the manufaturers compatibility list, and although the iPad does work - I guess it is save to say the i20 really is not designed for the iPad. The weight put on the connector by the iPad is not good (or maybe the fit of the connector is not perfect for the iPad or both) and the remote does not function with it.
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well, does this work as a transport, same as the popular wadia and the onkyo nd-s1?
can i use this with my dac, the maverick audio d1?

it seems to have 
Optical digital audio out (S/PDIF): TOSLINK.
[size=1.1em] Coaxial digital audio out (S/PDIF): Coaxial phono.[/size]

[size=1.1em] so that would be yes[/size]

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when you guys say "transport" does that mean you can skip the docks dac and go straight digital out?  oooh my new JH3A may link with this one nicely.. certainly beats spending almost 6 large on the solo....

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There is supposed to be a review in this months issue of UK magazine HiFiChoice or was it HiFiNews

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