purchasing sony xb90ex worried about fakes
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Aug 14, 2006
I am thinking about buying a set of sony XB90EX. what concerns me is ive heard of fakes on the market (it is a sony product so clones will happen) and I want to make sure if I buy a set they are genuine. where is the best place to get some? I am not sure I trust ebay for this except maybe a couple sellers from within japan but even then... any suggestions?

also is the problem with volume imbalance developing something to worry about?
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I bought mines off Amazon from overseas. I've never heard of these having fakes-- for whats it worth, mines sounded as expected (based on reviews and research) and was well made, right out the box. However, the xb90ex only lasted 11 months; the wire near the jack gave out. They do come with a 1 year warranty slip but I couldn't send em back since the warranty is only claimable in Japan.

I never had a problem with volume imbalance while having them.

you mean near the 1/8" jack?

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