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Purchase advice: Cheapskate Edition (AKG k240 Studio vs Superlux 668b)

  1. lizard837
    Hi guys,
    I was browsing amazon the other day looking for a good starter open-backed headphone.
    And because I'm a cheapskate, I found what looks like a promising deal with the AKG K240 studios.
    Anyway, I was discussing this with some folks on reddit and they recommended the Superlux 668b as well.  Both of these cans fall well within my budget (I could actually buy both of them and still be under budget).
    So, fellow head-fi-ers that have experience with these headphones, what do you suggest?
    Also, I am not averse to modding my headphones, especially when they are as cheap as these models.
  2. KG Jag
    Both are good, but the K 240 is better because it does not have the harsh treble spike.  However, both need an amp to sound their best
  3. lizard837
    That's not a problem.  I have my trusty Fiio E10.
  4. Captain Magenta

    I have owned both and while I think the 668b is technically superior (imaging, separation, detail ect.) I found it to be not very musical and to be fair it is marketed as a studio monitor. To be honest I've got a fair few Superluxes and the only one that I find to be good for musical enjoyment is the closed HD660.  Although the K240 is also meant to be a studio headphone it has a prominent midrange which does make it musical and as KG Jag mentioned it is better with an amp.  Also bear in mind these are not fully open headphones.  If you want fully open you could maybe try something like the Grado SR80i.  Alternatively just wait till you have some more cash and get the Sennheiser HD600.  You may well end up there before long enough anyway!

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