Psvane Horizon 2A3-AT Tube Is My Gateway To 2A3 Tubes And I Am Loving It!
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Oct 8, 2022
First off, thank you @PSVANE for the giveaway and for allowing me to try your new Horizon series 2A3 tube! In exchange for the giveaway, they do want me to post my feedback/impression on these tubes. Lucky for them, these new Horizon tubes sound pretty darn good in my system and it makes me want to try more 2A3 tubes to see if they are all this good! This is my first taste of 2A3 tube, but I will be looking to buy an NOS 2A3 tube to compare a vintage tube vs this new production tube later down the line of this "review". I am not really a review type of guy, so this thread will mostly be me posting and updating my adventures with these Horizon 2A3-AT on what it sounds like 250 hours later and what tube combination I like with these tubes. So I do plan on updating this 1st post throughout the year.

Speaker position: Speakers are symmetrical from each other with no toe in. The Platimon bass port design and the way the center is carved, its better no toe in for better center and sidestage imaging and you get a more wider and "3D" soundstage. The Platimon is 2.5 feet away measure from the front wall to the bass port, 3 feet away measure from the side wall to the tweeter, 6.5 feet from each other, and 7 feet from the listening position to the speaker.

Speaker System: ROON Rock - Intel NUC 7i7 > EMM Labs NS1 > [Silver Sonic D-110 AES] Mojo Audio Mystique EVO B4B 21 > [Anticables 6.2 RCA] Custom Supratek Cabernet DHT > [Allnic Mu-7R XLR] Orchard Audio Starkrimson Stereo Ultra 2.0 power amp > [NRG The 6:6 Custom Speaker Cable] Mon Acoustics Platimon VC One

Headphone System: Same as speaker system as both my speaker setup and headphone setup are connected to the same preamp > [Allnic Mu-7R XLR] Allnic HPA-5000XL > Mysphere 3.2, Onkyo A800, and ZMF Atrium Closed are my 3 main headphones, but I do have other vintage headphones I use from time to time.

Current Tubes Used In Custom Supratek Cabernet DHT Preamp: (2) Psvane Horizon 2A3-AT Tube, (2) Melz 1578 Tube, (2) RCA 6L6GC Tube, and (1) Wathen Cryotone 5U4G-WC Tube

How it sounds in my system:

1st impression of the Psvane Horizon 2A3-AT is that it has a good clear midrange and a wide soundstage. 1st thing I noticed when I first listened to the 2A3-AT tube is that it made my Mysphere 3.2 much more “holographic” and I have gotten a much more focus center-stage imaging. When using the Atrium Closed (before I install the solid mesh plate), I’m pretty sensitive to the upper mids and higher frequency on that headphone in my system. It was when I added the Wathen Cryotone 5U4G-WC Tube in my system. It made my system more sharper in the higher frequencies, but in exchange I did get a good amount of clarity in my system. The 5U4G tube also added that missing excitement up top for me especially for the electric guitar. The Psvane Horizon 2A3-AT balance out the added brightness the 5U4G-WC added to my system while still retaining its great clarity. The Psvane Horizon 2A3-AT made the upper mids and higher frequency more smooth up top which I very much like for my system. I noticed vocals were thinner on my Onkyo A800, but it gave a little more sense of clarity vs when I was using the UX-245 tubes. Vocals and the midrange in general sounds fuller when using the 45 tubes. The 2A3-AT made vocals more clear sounding, but I did lose that famous RCA Globe 45 richness to the mids that I do miss. When using the Platimon VC1 speaker, I got a sense that the soundstage width gets wider by 2-3 feet to me compare to what it is normally. No comment on bass as I feel like my UX-245 had more power in the midbass vs the 2A3-AT, but the 2A3-AT does need more time to break in. The bass is not lacking so far, but nothing to really talk about for me as of right now. Switching from a rich sounding tube (UX-245) to something cleaner (2A3-AT) is a new perspective for me that I haven't done in a while. I say these 2A3-AT tubes sound pretty balanced overall, with a smoother top in my system. The highlight so far on the Horizon 2A3-AT tubes is its wide soundstage. These 2A3-AT tubes with the Mysphere 3.2 was quite the experience that makes me want to explore other 2A3 tubes to see if all 2A3 tubes soundstage was this great. I am really liking my first initial week with the Psvane Horizon 2A3-AT, I am looking forward to how they sound with 250 hours in.

So far 32 hours on the Psvane Horizon tubes, 218 hours more to go!





A NOS 2A3 vs Psvane Horizon 2A3

250 hours Impression

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