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PSB Speakers M4U 4 --- Hybrid BA/Dynamic IEM

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  1. Jenz
    No. The PSB cable is an in-house development! There is no aftermark cable. That's a shame. Because it's really a good IEM.
  2. fenrir35
    How about t-peos h300 and altone 350 connectors? looks like same as m4u 4 @Jenz
  3. Jenz
    I do not know the two iems. The PSB has a kind of mini MMCX. That's how I would describe it!

    you can also ask the psb support if a cable can be purchased?
  4. Tommy C
    No, I don’t believe so.
  5. fenrir35
    How about terminate the original cable and using the original connectors? Is someone tried that?
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