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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. all999
    B&W 7 does not sound better than PSB. HP50's "roomfeel" is unacceptable for me. So yes, PSB made a great pair of headphones:)
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  2. BillsonChang007
    Good for you! xD No need of spending more haha
  3. zackzack
    I came across a listening station at some store and they have B&W P5, KEF 500, B&O, Focal One, and the PSB. The PSB won me over by a significant margin. Focal is very close. The rest are muddy, undefined, unexciting, & sluggish . I can't believe the raves the KEF M500 gets on HeadFi forum. 
  4. Rcordosi
    Happy black M4U-1 owner here. I've had them since early September and have listened to them almost daily since. I fold them up and toss them in my work bag, take them to work and listen several hours at a time M-F. In my hands, they've taking a good amount of abuse. I don't throw them around, but I certainly don't baby them. I don't use the provided case at all and at this point, after I just inspected them thoroughly, I don't have any cracks anywhere. Seems to me that they've fixed the problem.
    Also, I have thoroughly tested them against these headphones:
    Senheiser Momentum over ear
    Sennheiser Amperior
    Sol republic Tracks Ultra (not even in the same league)
    The PSB's IMHO beats them all in every aspect. They're very comfortable for me. I have an average sized head. I actually like the clamping pressure. It's like a hug for my head. :wink:
    I listen to them amped pretty much all the time, using either my computer or and ipod classic.
    Amps I have:
    Aune T1
    Centrance Hifi M8
    Bio Science Geek 18v CMOY with the Analog Devices AD8620ARZ Chip from JDS labs.
    They sound awesome with all of them. 
    Just wanted to chime in and start getting more involved with the conversation here. 
    One thing I would like to see/find/talk about is possibly finding a better pair of ear pads. I would like them to be just a tad thicker. Anyone have any ideas?
  5. BillsonChang007
    IMO, the PSB M4U1 indeed easily win all of the above but I would take it on par with K550 xD
  6. Rcordosi
    Possibly true. :wink: My issue with the K550 was that I just couldn't get them to fit my head. I didn't want to deform them too much while testing as I wasn't sure that I was keeping them.In the end, it was too much trouble to get them to fit. 
  7. curtisngl
    How's the clearance inside the cup? My ears stick out a bit and I don't want to be stuck to on- ears. Also, where are you guys testing these? I've never even seem them for sale anywhere near me (Illinois)
  8. kimvictor
    Hmm. Demoed a M4U1 and own a M500. Personally, I didn't like the M4U1 that much. I preferred M500 over it.
  9. BillsonChang007
    M500 more punchy?
  10. kimvictor
    Not necessarily. M500 sounded much more natural and M4U1 sounded bit artificial.
  11. Zenthelld
    They're quite shallow. There's some cushion between the driver and your ear, but it's thin. You could just order them from Amazon and try them out, if they're no good just return them.
  12. curtisngl
    Do you own them? Ideally I'd need clearance of 3/4 inch or more (considering that the distance decreases when you wear them as the pads clamp on your head)
  13. kimvictor
    Personally, I thought they were really shallow. My ears were touching the drivers.
  14. curtisngl
    How do they compare to the b&w p5 in sound? The p5's sounded decent to me ( at least better than the beats and bose next to them), and I think I'm better off wearing headphones that are meant to press on your ears as opposed to most over ears that still press on my ears.
  15. kimvictor
    Didn't have P5 for comparison, but from my memory, m4u1 had much better clarity and detail.
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