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PS4 headsets... again

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by akatsuki, Apr 29, 2015.
  1. akatsuki
    Been doing a ton of PvP lately in Destiny... And at night, I have to turn the volume too low to get audio cues, so time for a gaming headset.
    Priorities are:
    1. Surround sound - whether included or through external processor, knowing someone is behind you is essential; the better the positioning, the better for gaming
    2. Sound quality - I do listen to music sometimes, so this has to be strong; preferably an analytic crystal clear sound - absolutely no hiss allowed!
    3. Chat - can be through modmic or other; but must also be clear
    4. Wireless would be ideal, bluetooth capable would be even better so I could take phone calls
    5. Comfortable and lightweight
    Basically I want it all.
    So there are several solutions, cheap and expensive
    Steelseries H - expensive but get decent reviews; SQ is typical gaming headset?
    Sony Pulse Elite - good value for the money; but SQ will be mediocre
    Some mix of surround sound processor, modmic and audiophile headphones - best SQ, but wired
    I read through a lot of reviews, but they are often addressed at PC gaming. Will probably pull the trigger on the Pulse Elites since those seem to be a good value choice, but would love to hear other options.
  2. JakiChan
    I dunno about the SQ issue, but the Steelseries have been treating me well.  The battery replacement thing is great.
  3. akatsuki
    Have you ever listened to music on them? Or compared them against Beyers or Senns or Audio Tecnicas?
  4. rc10mike
    As a gamer who started with gaming headsets like the PC350, PC360, MMX300, Astro A50, Turtle Beach etc, then eventually moved on to using high-end headphones for a few years. I can say that I went back to the Astro A50s.
    Sure, gaming on my PS4 with wired AKG K702 Annies, DT990s, TH600s was great when paired with a Dolby Headphone capable AV receiver, but after trying A50s again the difference wasnt that huge.
    Sim Surround
    No hiss
    Works perfect with PS4 both chat and audio.
    No more wires
    Mic sounds 98% as good as my Beyerdynamic mic
    Chat/Game mix is easy
    Batt life is good
    NO FAKE LEATHER PADS (I hate fake leather pads)
    After switching from high-end headphones to the A50s, I noticed no downgrade to being able to hear the enemies.
    Bass might be on the high side, but doesnt effect gameplay IMO.
    For PS4 gaming, my honest opinion is I will never go back to the wired high-end headphone w/ mic setup. The A50 just works. I guess Im just getting old and want simplicity. Using high-end headphones might give you a 1-5% increase in SQ, but the cost and hassle is simply not worth it IMO.
    Never once did I think "Oh man, I could've killed that guy if I had my high-end headphones on instead of this crappy A50!!"
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  5. JakiChan
    Yes, I listened to music on them when I was comparing them against the A50s.  They beat the A50s hands down.  I didn't side-by-side them with my ATH-M50s but I would say they're not better.  However, they have features that make them the best choice for gaming for me, since I need wireless.
  6. vontokkerths
    I was on the same boat as you and I ended up buying the turtle beach Stealth 400, they are like 100$ plus your can connect your phone via aux to use the headset mic to take calls. They are okay, good bass but certainty not an audiophile grade headset, for games and music and for the price it is a good deal. 
  7. akatsuki
    Yeah, after paging through all of Mad Lust Envy's thread plus a couple of other things, seems like there are definitely a couple of tiers:
    Top tier: DT990s or similar + Creative X7 (wired solution)
    Top-mid range: PC360 + Mixamp 5.8
    Low-mid range: Steelseries H or Astro
    Lowest tier: Sony Pulse Elites or Logitechs
    I am leaning towards the Steelseries H since it is a "just works" solution, but the SQ has to be a lot better to justify $300 over $100 for the Pulse Elites.
    Ideally someone would just come out with a nicer version of the Mixamp 5.8.
  8. henhowc

    You forgot the Skullycandy PLYR1. People in the MLE gaming thread seem to think that it has the best SQ of the wireless gaming headsets. Less features but cheaper than both the A50 and H.
  9. JakiChan
    1.  The Mixamp 5.8 seems REAL hit-or-miss.  I've seen some people say it works, other's say it doesn't work for them on PS4.  Definite noise (which I heard on the A50s as well).
    2.  I wouldn't call the A50s or the Steelseries H Wireless "low mid range".  I also wouldn't say that if you have a Mixamp 5.8 that you would use them with PC360s.  If I had a good Mixamp 5.8 alternative I'd probably use my AKG K7XXs.
    My dream product is a "Mixamp 5.8 replacement" that:
    1.  Has no background hiss.  Best audio quality they can come up with.  (Steelseries H did a decent job).  
    2.  Has at least two inputs/outputs on the console side.  Let me hook up my XBox One and PS4 at the same time.  I wouldn't need more because I don't think most PC folks are far enough away from their PC to need wireless, but I could be wrong.
    3.  Give me an optical two channel out incase I totally want to be a soundwhore and hook it up to an external DAC/AMP.  All the box would be doing for me would be the HRTF work to turn Dolby Digital to "Dolby Headphone".  
    If that box came out I would buy it immediately.  In the mean time, the Steelseries H Wireless gets the job done.
  10. akatsuki
    I just picked up a Steelseries H - gave up on other solutions that weren't as integrated. Seems to work great.
  11. Prodeje79
    I have a very simlilar background to @rc10mike
    I have so many headsets it is crazy.  This includes modded AD700 with vmoda boompro, HD650, several A40s, various Turtle Beaches, and Kingston HyperX Cloud.
    I also have a lot of mixamps: 5.8 , Mixamp Pro 2011, and Mixamp Pro 2013.  Don't forget a few Turtle Beach DSS boxes!  I actually use a DSS in my bed room.  I routed an optical cable to my nightstand under my carpet.....  works great for TV watching!
    OK back to the topic....  I most recently picked up a Sennheiser PC350 SE.  Something doesn't seem right about it.....  Maybe i need to break it in, or maybe the Mixamp cannot quite power these 150ohm speakers?  Sounds tinny...........
    I keep finding myself going back to my $50 Kingston HyperX Cloud.  (not the 2s)  These can easily be had under "used Amazon Warehouse deals" for under $60.  It is nice that they come with 2 different ear pads too.....  My description said mine would be scratched, but they weren't....   I didn't really care either way though..........
    I've never tried out a50s, so that is on my list for sure based on rc10mike's opinion.
  12. DoppenShloppen
    Well the Kingston Hyper X Cloud is just a rebranded HM5/Fa003/lindy so for 50 bucks thats actually a really good deal.
  13. johnsnowkornar
    Thanks for info. Would you please suggest a me good one under $100?

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