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PS Audio PerfectWave PowerPlant P5 + FREE Audio-gd POWER CORD ***FINAL PRICE DROP / LAST CALL****

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by ipodpj, Sep 16, 2011.
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  1. IPodPJ
    For Sale
    Hello!  This is the best deal you are likely to see on one of these for the next several years!
    I'm selling one of my PS Audio PerfectWave P5 units because I don't need two.  It is a truly fantastic power regenerator and is leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor the Power Plant Premier.  (Technically, a regenerator is an amplifier which is why it can go in this section.)
    This is a US unit, rated for 120V, with 1000VA of continuous output power and 1200VA peak output.
    Anything you want to know about it can be found here:
    or in the manual that you can download.
    New they sell for $3000, typically with a 8-10 week waiting period because of how back ordered PS Audio is on these, and I haven't seen any come up for sale used yet because they are very good units. PS Audio can't make them fast enough.  Unlike the older PPP models, the new series is not made in China but right here in the United States!
    I'm selling mine for $2050 FIRM + shipping/paypal.  They do not ship with a remote but I will include one from my older PPP that works with many features.
    I have only had it for about 4-5 months and use my headphone system at most a few hours a week, so it hasn't gotten much use and there are over 2 years left on the warranty.  It's in perfect cosmetic condition, and works flawlessly.  I have the original packaging.
    I also have some high-end power cords from companies like Virtual Dynamics I can sell if you are interested, and will give a good combo price for both/all.
    Please send me a PM soon if you are interested.  I had a lot of inquiries several months ago when I wasn't sure whether or not I was going to sell it, so I expect it to sell quickly.
    My feedback link is listed in my signature, where you can see my perfect track record of sales before the site switched over to the new format.
    Thanks for looking!
  2. IPodPJ
    Price Reduced by yet another $50, and added FREE AUDIO-GD EXCLUSIVE POWER CORD....a $75 value.
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