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Ps audio direct stream dsd DAC

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by alrainbow, Feb 26, 2014.
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    Ps audio just powered a new DSD DAC.

    Visit the website for details. And an upgrade path for current Pwd owners

  2. john57
    I heard it at the CAS meeting on February 21 quite a bit of difference between the PerfectWave and the DirectStream as I heard it. 
  3. john57
    The old promise of "Perfect Sound Forever"  first spoken by Sony and Phillips 30 years ago maybe reaching fruition in a new product by PS audio. Now waiting on verification by outside reviewers.  
  4. boatheelmusic
    Has PS Audio announced V1.2 yet?
  5. john57
    From what I have heard PS audio will start shipping the units on April15. At this time I have not own any PS audio equipment. Not sure what where you are coming from.
    Known there stuff very well made
    This is the third revision of the pwd
  7. john57
    That one way of looking at it since they are still using the using the original case work of pwd.  Only the display circuit board stays the same. My CAS group goes to PS Audio about once a year and it is close-by for the members. I need to go back to PS Audio for a verification process with my music before I can have a firm opinion. However I can say that the DirectStream sounds quite different from the original PerfectWave DAC. One of the goals was to maximize the sound quality of your existing PCM library. At the CAS meeting we were listening just to PCM music being playback by both the  PerfectWave and the DirectStream. The DirectStream is quite remarkable in its presentation of the PCM based music.  I found some DFF files that I would like to bring to PS Audio and verity the results with both PCM and the DFF files.   All I am saying is that the DirectStream is worth a second look or listening. I do not own a DSD DAC and I have outlived three DAC's so far out of seven so far.
    I have ordered a upgrade kit already.
    AS the pwdmkii with my offramp was really very good
    And I own a msb as well to compare it
    It was pretty good. But only with the offramp
    Without it not even close.
    So I would assume it had to do with jitter
    Now if they have solved it I would think it's a solid performer
  9. vnmslsrbms
    The upgrade is 3000, and the PWD MKII is on sale for 2000.  Makes me really want to get the MKII!
  10. boatheelmusic
    Thats what I did today!
  11. boatheelmusic
    PWD now 2500 on PS audio site........
  12. john57
    I noticed that and you written a good review on computer audiophile.
    Me ?

  14. john57
    boatheelmusic on the older PWD
  15. music_man
    have it. if dsd is your thing this might be the best dsd dac yet. it is very digital but I really like it. very clean. my modded teac has a more analog sound,better placement and wider soundstage but I purposely exaggerated those things. I think the directstream is the real cd sound as it was meant to be. if you don't want to mod and like vinyl msb in pcm is going to be better at a lot more money. the directstream is how I envision cd. of course the sony scd-1 pretty much did this 20 years ago. don't get me wrong though I really like it. I will probably mod it and then it will kill the teac to my liking. the more dsd the better I say.
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