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Jan 23, 2011
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Jan 23, 2011
this seemed like a better place than the buy/sell forum but if you think it should go there let me know
[size=11pt] I have a problem...maybe[/size]
[size=11pt]is that problem named the head-fi buy/sell forum...perhaps[/size]

[size=11pt]am I addicted to getting packages in the mail every week or so containing new and exciting iem’s...probably[/size]

[size=11pt]do I love hearing new sound signatures and learning more about the hobby...yes[/size]

[size=11pt]do I spend a lot of time at work reading up on different headphones reviews and exotic source and amp equipment and constantly refreshing the buy/sell forum...uh no never...[/size]

[size=11pt]do I use ellipses too much...I think so...[/size]

[size=11pt]more importantly...[/size]
[size=11pt]Am I a lottery winner, an investment banker, a CEO or a wealthy playboy...not so much[/size]

[size=11pt] idea I’ve been kicking around as I am pretty sure I'm not the only one with a problem around here.[/size]

[size=11pt]rather than continue to drain my bank account and risk marital problems, I propose conducting short term trades/auditions with other head-fi’ers.  I know some of you already do this with people you know on the boards, but I don’t know any local [/size][size=11pt]addicts[/size][size=11pt] head-fi’ers, so can’t really do that.[/size]

[size=11pt]I have a pair of Monster Miles Davis Tributes as my lone top-tier iem, which I love.  However I do really want to try out a few other of the top-tier models to hear different house sounds and sound signatures.  It’s hard reading about different iem’s without being able to hear them.  This hobby reminds me a lot of being interested in wine...bottom line you just got to drink it.[/size]

[size=11pt]I propose a two week trade/audition.  I’ll send you my MD’s, you send me a different top-tier iem.  we each pay for shipping each way, so with USPS priority flat rate its about $5 each way for iem’s. After two weeks, we each send them keepsies[/size]

[size=11pt]am I trustworthy...yes :)[/size]
[size=11pt]I have some feedback here and lots of feedback from buying/selling computer/electronics/photography gear over the last online feedback is important to me.[/size] and here

[size=11pt]I listen to music mostly on the couch or at my computer, so I won’t take any loaners outside, to the gym or on a white water rafting trip.  I keep my IEM’s in cases while not in use.  I would hope you would treat my MD’s with equal care.[/size]

[size=11pt]also, we’re a non smoking household, but we do have pets...two cats and a dog.[/size]

[size=11pt]Are you trustworthy?  I hope so...I would prefer people with a high post count and feedback[/size]
[size=11pt]supply your own tips...I have a ton and have tips for standard IEM’s and westone/shure size.[/size]

[size=11pt]IEM’s I want to hear(in a loose order)[/size]
[size=11pt]EQ7 or 5[/size]
[size=11pt]W4 UM3x or W2(i’ve had w3’s)[/size]

[size=11pt]if this sounds crazy or like a really bad idea, let me know[/size]

[size=11pt]if you’re interested, PM me[/size]
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