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Proposed addition to user profiles

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by uncle erik, Aug 27, 2010.
  1. Uncle Erik Contributor
    I was looking over the user profiles and realized that there should be a separate field for meets attended.

    If we can list a bio, gear, hobbies, interests, etc., we should also have a dedicated field to list all of the meets we've been to.

    Attending meets is probably the best thing about Head-Fi, so we should be able to put up our own "brag lists" of meets attended and let others see what we've been to. I think it's just as important as what gear we have.

    I'd love to hear what anyone else thinks about this - fee free to comment and make suggestions.

  2. KingStyles Contributor
    Not a bad idea. It at least gives some credibility to people who havent owned a product but have heard it at meets and a lot of different equipment. Also people who go to meets tend to have a better view of equipment since they havent been stuck only having heard a couple of systems that they own. They tend to not be as fanboyish being able to recomend a wider selection of equipment.
  3. Asr
    In reverse chronological:
    October 2011 - CanJam@RMAF/RMAF 2011 - Denver, Colorado
    August 2011 - Seattle/PNW regional summer meet - Seattle, WA
    November 2010 - NYC Fall semi-annual regional meet - White Plains, New York
    October 2010 - Seattle/PNW regional fall meet - Seattle, WA
    October 2010 - CanJam@RMAF/RMAF 2010 - Denver, Colorado
    August 2010 - Colorado regional summer meet - Denver, Colorado
    June 2010 - CanJam 2010 (5th National Meet) - Rosemont/Chicago, Illinois
    March 2010 - Axpona (audio show) & Florida Beerfest - Jacksonville & Tampa, Florida
    Feburary 2010 - SF Bay Area/NorCal regional spring meet - Burlingame, California
    January 2010 - Dallas-Ft. Worth regional meet #9 - Plano, Texas
    December 2009 - SoFla winter meet - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    November 2009 - ChiUnifi 3 - Rosemont/Chicago, Illinois
    October 2009 - CanJam@RMAF/RMAF 2009 - Denver, Colorado
    August 2009 - SF Bay Area/NorCal summer meet - Burlingame, California
    July 2009 - Colorado High-Fi regional summer meet - Denver, Colorado
    May 2009 - CanJam 09 (4th National Meet) - Los Angeles, California
    February 2009 - Charlotte CanFest - Charlotte, North Carolina
    October 2008 - SoCal regional meet - Los Angeles, California
    October 2008 - RMAF 2008 (audio show) - Denver, Colorado
    August 2008 - HeadRoom & LA/OC Audio Society - Los Angeles, California
    July 2008 - Colorado regional summer meet - Denver, Colorado
    June 2008 - SF Bay Area/NorCal summer meet - San Mateo, California
    May 2008 - CanJam 08 (3rd National Meet) - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    October 2007 - RMAF 2007 (audio show) - Denver, Colorado
    August 2007 - SF Bay Area/NorCal summer meet - San Jose, California
    August 2007 - HeadRoom & LA/OC Audio Society - Los Angeles, California
    June 2007 - Silicon Valley mini-meet - Mountain View, California
    April 2007 - HeadFest 2007 (2nd National Meet) - San Jose, California
    March 2007 - NYC Spring semi-annual regional meet - Bayside, New York
    October 2006 - SF Bay Area/NorCal fall meet - Marin, California
    April 2006 - 1st National Meet - Bayside, NY
    The next frontier in meets (or travel otherwise) for me will be the unexplored south (probably Atlanta in Georgia), Virginia/DC, somewhere in the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest, and definitely NYC again. NYC is the best city on the planet and I go there at least once every year whether there's a coinciding meet or not! [​IMG]
  4. Currawong Contributor
    This is an excellent suggestion I reckon.  There should definitely be a community aspect to people's profiles.
    WOW good Suggestion!!!!
  6. Silent One


    Good Call! A common thread for sense of community. Been trying to attend meets the last few years to no avail (SoCal/NorCal) due to important obligations. I will soon be in attendance. How do I know this? Did you see Asr's massive, impressive compilation?! motivation if I ever saw it!
    Your idea is already effective at work...
  7. krmathis Contributor
    I like the suggestion!
  8. Hero Kid
    Even though I haven't once been to a meet I can see the worth in your suggestion and think its a brilliant idea.
    So yeah, I'm with krmathis.

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