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Project Sunrise III

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by money4me247, Dec 9, 2013.
  1. money4me247 Contributor
    Source: http://www.garage1217.com/graphic_design_013.htm
  2. money4me247 Contributor
    OMG!!! check it out the new project horizon 3 & sunrise 3 are out on garage1217's website!!!!!!
    project sunrise 3: http://www.garage1217.com/garage1217_diy_tube_headphone_amplifiers_002.htm
    project horizon 3: http://www.garage1217.com/garage1217_diy_tube_headphone_amplifiers_003.htm
    edit: hahaha... I'm pretty excited about this! would love to hear impressions of the newer models :)
  3. 3l3tric
    I built a PSIII for Christmas to use with my Grado SR225i, and so far, I really like it.
    It definitely takes away some of the Grado harshness
  4. Nightmistx22
    Anyone else have this amp? I just got mine about 2 weeks ago. I am really liking it however i do have a few issues with it. Mostly with the included tube JJ E88CC  and my ATH-AD900X.
    I don't know much about tube as this is my first foray into tube amps but i think this is a high gain tube as my AD900X get very loud very fast.
    I had to turn my input down to about 20% to be able to listen comfortable with the amp's pot past the recommended 9'o clock position. With that i find bass to be a bit lacking, mids really forward and lush highs crystal but a bit piercing on some tracks. 
    Not sure if i should get a different tube or if an inline resistor would do anything.  
    foobar2000 (WASAPI) > Hifimediy Sabre DAC > Project Sunrise III (JJ E88CC) > ATH-AD900X 
  5. roamling
    My Sunrise III is currently on its way. I was going to use it with the ATH-AD900X headphones but Jeremy from Garage 1217 suggested that I might have to use an attenuator or lower the volume at the source (for example PC volume out) in order to have comfortable room on the volume knob to regulate the volume. The ATH-AD900X has a low impedance and high efficieny and would not really need an amp. I have since sold the ATH-AD900X  and purchased an Sennheiser HD650. I post my impressions with the HD650 and the Sunrise III later. 
  6. roamling
    my Sunrise III is stuck in Irish Customs for the last 3 days...:mad:
  7. roamling
    The Sunrise III arived yesterday. Mine has Serial Nr.18 and I ordered it with GE Smoked Glas 6DJ8 vintage tube. Jeremy suggested that tube for my HD650.
    The built quality is absolutely fantastic, have a look:

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  8. roamling
    What is not very clear to me, can I use the Sunrise III as a Tube Buffer Stage, like the Ember? 
    Edit: got my answer, it is, a buffer with the volume control enabled
  9. m8o
    @Nightmistx22 , did you try bypassing the input cap? 
    Q to anyone/everyone who may know.  What I can't figure out is why this is called a 'hybrid' amp.  It's OTL.  Does it have a solid-state input stage?
  10. Muinarc
    I just tried all of the Garage1217 at a local Head-Fi meet and the Sunrise III was my favorite. So much so that I might buy one! The Ember was very good but didn't quite have the sound signature of the Sunrise, which I preferred.
  11. Muinarc
    My Sunrise III arrived last night, serial #0032. I guess it's a small club haha. Optional stacked heatsinks shown.


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  12. Muinarc
    After a week and about 40hr of listening to the Sunrise III, I am getting a feel for things. I am using what I believe to be a 60's RCA 12AU7A tube, with HE560 headphones.


    1.) Playing with the output resistance hasn't really payed off for me, anything higher than the lowest (1.5ohm) setting results in a compressed, muddy sound to my ears.
    2.) Bypassing the input capacitors seemed to have a pretty decent effect. This opened things up, note separation and soundstage improved.
    3.) The amp tilts to the warm side of neutral. I find myself listening to as many tracks with awesome guitar distortion as possible. Bass extends way down and remains controlled, probably a slight roll off in the highs but this makes for a great companion to the HE560.
    4.) I have found what where once hard to decipher lyrics all of a sudden are easily understood. Not sure if this is due to dynamics or detail, but it's one of those rare cases where I feel like I'm hearing an old song for the first time.

    That's it for now. Might move on to the Tube Rolling thread in the future to see if I can wring anymore out of her!
  13. BillsonChang007
    I have mine for about two weeks or so. Posted a review (see signature). I personally like it best with RCA 6AU7 and Amperex 6DJ8 tube. Big thanks to Jeremy as well as he is sending me Russian 6N2P-EB tube since the first one that came with mine was somehow broken. Jeremy claim it to be a small leakage that allowed the vacumm to escape. Havent got the time to check on it yet.
  14. BillsonChang007
    Hey guys,
    I am putting up some of my tubes up for sale here: 
    RCA 12AU7A
    RCA 6AU7
    2x Russian 6N2P-EB
    see signature for link 
  15. sheldaze
    This seems like the obvious amplifier to compare with the Schiit Vali 2. Has anyone heard the Vali 2?
    I have, however I am working to formulate the words to myself first, to describe the differences. It is not a simple more bass, more treble kind of a difference. It is almost like I need to first describe a stage with players, and next describe the location of the players as heard through the two amplifiers. But I'm not clear that is helpful to the reader trying to identify characteristics that he or she is seeking, per choosing the amplifier that best suites their need. So I'm still thinking about it, and planning to do a lot more listening first - perhaps a little descriptive writing later.
    Question still stands - if you have heard both, how would you characterize the differences?

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