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Project Sunrise II Kit Review

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  1. itsthedanyole
    where can i purchase this in a kit form in the U.S.?
  2. jiminy
  3. Ralf Hutter

    Direct from the guy that builds them:


    Absolutely fantastic service.
    itsthedanyole likes this.
  4. itsthedanyole
    Just what I was looking for. Thanks!
  5. dustinsterk
  6. adani
    Ready to pull a trigger on Project Horizon kit in a hope that it will be a perfect match for my Sennheiser HD-600... the only question remains - will it work out of a European 220v plug? Should I buy any additional accessories and / or power supply unit?
  7. jonny564
    Should be an amazing match with the 600, plenty of power. As to the Voltage question send an email to Admin@garage1217.com they're normally good about getting replys same day
  8. adani
    Yup, guys are very responsive. PM'd them via ebay and also at email provided at their website. Got detailed reply from both of them in half a day. Well, my mind is set up already [​IMG]
  9. KimLaroux
    I think it would be great, for anyone else who may ask themselves this question in the future, if you could publish their answer here.
    Because now this thread will show up first in google when searching for this. [​IMG]
  10. adani
    I will post my own thoughts of how well it pairs with HD600 once I receive, assemble the kit and have some impressions to share [​IMG]
  11. itsthedanyole
    Man, I really wanna build this kit! I have K701 and a few Sony xb.... Wonder if they would get along? Can I mod this to sound better? Alps pot? Attenuator? Dale resistors? Or even a toridoal transformer? My imagination runs wild!
  12. ukemaxxer
    You will not be disapointed, I use my Horizon, also a kit, with Sennheiser HD650. I run mine with settings for caps bypassed and low resistance. With my older HD595's, mid resistance sounds best. I have just got some 1960 vintage Mullard tubes as well. Listen to the stock tube for a while, before experimenting with alternatives. It sounds good as is though.
  13. ukemaxxer
    Kit is already using Dale resistors, I think Jeremy puts a Bourns pot in rather than an Alps, details are on his website.
    I am currently looking to replace the standard SMPS with a linear. Sunride is 24V so easy enough to get hold of. Horizon is a 48V supply.
  14. itsthedanyole

    Thanx! How much of an impact do you guess those mods will have?

    Btw scratch that dale comment, was a slip, lol.
  15. ukemaxxer
    To be honest, I'm not sure it will make a massive sonic improvement. The Horizon sounds  superb as it is, I have only tried swapping tubes because it is possible to do so, the supplied stock one is no bad tube. I have another 6N23P supplied by someone on the Rock Grotto forum. It is a 1965 vintage one. To me, there is a difference in sound, but how much do you spend on tubes before you decide no more.
    If you follow the SMPS vs Linear arguments, there are people who sing the praises of both. I would like to try a linear, but is the cost worth it? IDK
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