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Project Ember Tube Rolling

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  1. DavidA
    @DRHamp, sometimes you can't trust the "measurements" that a seller indicates but these measurements are usually only to indicate the life left so I'd say yes that 2 tubes with similar measurement can sound different. You might also want to clean the pins of the tube that sounds bad since oxidation can have some effect on how a tube sounds unless you are already using Deoxit.
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  2. DRHamp
    Uh oh, what is Deoxit? ,,, and thanks, I will try cleaning the pins and give it another try. i see several different kinds of Deoxit - just contact cleaner?
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2018
  3. DavidA
    I usually use the "RED" cleaner on tubes when I first get them and then the "GOLD" preserver about once a month when I change tubes. I also use the "gold" for headphone jacks and RCA jacks about once a month. I got the small bottle with the brush which is probably going to last my life time since its doesn't look like i use any.
    I've been using these 2 bottles for 3+ years and they are still quite full.
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  4. DRHamp
    @DavidA Thanks, I ordered a sample pack that has both of those and I'll use it right away.
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  5. nwavesailor
    Please go very light when using any solution on tube sockets or pins. I have replaced more than a few 9 pin and octal sockets where folks have been a little heavy handed on application. A little is good............. but a lot is NOT better!
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  6. DavidA
    @nwavesailor makes a good point, don't use too much, its why my two bottles look like they are still new.
    For tubes that you want to clean let the "red" cleaner soak in over night and wipe of any excess before using the tube since you don't want any grit/grime getting into the socket and use the "gold" only on clean pins, RCA jacks and headphone jack once in a while (a month or more for me)
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  7. DRHamp
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  8. bilboda
    The Schitt SYS will do the job just as well.
  9. rgmffn
    Yes, I have one of those but it just wouldn't be the same. Not even close. That Emotiva knob feels Devine in the way it works. The sys would be clunky to use as much as I adjust the vol. And the Emotiva looks so much better sitting there within reach. I really love that Control Freak. But thanks for the suggestion.
  10. HOWIE13
    I use a Sennheiser HZR 62 which I find doesn't intrude on the sound and allows channel balance control too. The lead is too long for me and I've reduced the size and reconnected with a 6.3mm plug.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2018
  11. Mshenay Contributor
    I literally just came here to say the same thing, ironically another hawaiin, or used to be islander directed me to use a little to clean my tubes


    I wasn't as diligent in waiting. I cleaned with the red and applied a little elbow grease with a qTip wrapped in micro fiber glass towel, took about 6-7 mins to do that. Let it sit for like 3 mins then gently applied a little gold, different qTip different micro fiber cloth

    An my amp didn't xPlode and it does sound a little sharper than before, though I can't say how much is the cleaned tube and how much is this silver cable... either way I'm happy as a clam! An holy smokes the bass on my Ember II is something else... WOW I can't say I remember this textures previously...

    I also have a "classic" Grade Psvane CV181-T Mark II ValveTube in bound to me... figured why not only and this is a funny word but only cost me like $108 shipped from China, I did make an offer though

    I heard a pair of them in a Feliks Audio last weekend and figured it's high time I try a new tube for my Ember II... hopefully it'll be at least as good as my NOS 1940 Sylvania GT White label... if it's better YAY my beloved white label can go in as a back up tube or find a home in a future Saga pre amp purchase
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  12. DRHamp
    I will be interested in hearing your comments about this tube in the Ember - have been considering one myself.
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  13. koover
    Has anyone rolled any of he 2C51 variants? Seems like I’m a rare one using this tube. They’re excellent and not to expensive, especially the Tung Sol. Need an adapter though. If you guys haven’t tried them, it’s definitely worth the roll. Opens up many possibilities.
    Like there’s not that many now :wink:
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2018
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  14. DRHamp
    I have the adapter, just haven't bought the tubes yet.
  15. ericr
    Hmm, before trying a 2C51 (or the similar 5670 & 396A) it's probably best to run the idea by Jeremy at Garage 1217. The Ember's ability to adapt to a wide variety of tubes with differing voltages, heater currents and bias requirements is definitely magical, but I think the magic only goes so far.
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