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Project Ember Tube Rolling

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  1. Luckbad
    Yeah... if I saw a Stockholm V2 or Pagoda for $400 I'd snap it up. Heck, if I saw an Atlantis for $400 I get a third.
  2. joespride
    I had a Havana stock except for the tubes which I sold thinking I was upgrading,  I was horribly upset with the SQ I got with the new supposed better DAC, I could not sell it fast enough.  I was very lucky and saw an upgraded Havana for sale and I was the first in line.  Suffice to say My 2nd Havana Is going NO WHERE  Paired with the Garage amps  The MHDT offers all the detail and resolution I want
    I would Happily try any of there higher end models
  3. joespride
    Now you know you have to share,  Which new amp did you get ??  Sunrise is next on my Horizon (Ha! little play on words there) [​IMG]
  4. Luckbad
    Amps & Sound Mogwai. It's the first amp within striking distance of affordable that I actually liked better than anything from Garage1217.
    It's $1700.
    And I only like it a little better than the Horizon. Like... barely. 
  5. joespride
    I know Justin pretty well, I have had something like 4 of his amps for audition and owned 3,  He is a stand up guy.  You must post impressions after you get some time with the new toy
  6. connieflyer
    I have the Kenzie on my short list and wondered if it was one you tried......http://ampsandsound.com/products/amps/kenzie-special-edition/
  7. Luckbad
    So we don't derail this thread, let's talk about those amps over here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/802346/amps-sound-aka-ampsandsound
  8. DavidA
    The will came from a God named Lily, my GF [​IMG]
  9. joespride
    Had the Kenzie for over a year very nice indeed I did a review it is on Justins site (maybe here, cant recall) Sold for financial reasons only [​IMG]
    Luckbad likes this.
  10. Luckbad
    By the way, these are the tubes I have that I'd be willing to part with to help finance my crazy amp purchase! I'll try to get them listed officially sometime soon:
    GE 6GU7 Firewire
    Raytheon JAN 5814WA
    Sylvania 12AU7
    GE 12AT7
    GE 12AX7
    Sylvania 6DJ8
    GE 5814A Triple Mica
    Electro-Harmonix 12BH7 Gold Pin 
    RCA 12AU7 Cleartop
  11. nwavesailor
    If anyone have an interest in a nicely matched pair of NOS / NIB Fivre 6C5G, send me a PM. I bought a quad as the other Fivre's available were singles and I wanted a nicely matched pair. Not looking to make any $, just 1/2 the cost of the quad. (bought before the recent price increase!)
  12. joespride
    No fair, Not sharing impressions B-4 offering up the spare pair [​IMG]
  13. nwavesailor

    With only about 1 hour of listening time, I would agree with at least 2 other forum members opinion of the Fivre 6C5G.......... these do show off the bass!!!
    Not thunderous, shake the filings out of your teeth bass, but a bit more than most other tubes I have tried. Fun, pleasant and musical are what come to mind listening to these tubes. Too early to say that they are better or close to the Visseaux 6J5G. They are, however,  way less microphonic than any of my Visseaux pairs. I need to keep them in for more than an hour w/o swapping in other tubes and really see what they sound like. Too much back and forth on my part gets confusing!
  14. Luckbad
    I decided to roll all of my preamp tubes and give each 30 minutes over the course of the last several days.
    Still prefer the 6N6P. Time to sell the rest!
  15. joespride
    How about a list of the tubes you rolled ?  also are you using as a preamp only ?
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