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Project Ember Review

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by razrr1275, Aug 7, 2013.
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  1. Tuneslover
    I don't know that.
  2. techboy
    With even a basic DAC like DF Black Ember will be in a different league than the Mojo.
  3. Tuneslover
    Does anyone out there have an opinion about how the Genalax Gold Lion 12AT7/ECC81 and 12AX7/ECC83 sound with the Ember? Any tube recommendations that go good with this amp (reasonably priced ones please). Thanks!
  4. DavidA
    I only have the 12AU7 and 6JD8 Gold Lion tubes and to me they are decent, pretty neutral IMO and you can find them on sale once in a while so they are usually reasonable prices.
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  5. Tuneslover
    I drove to The Tube Store today and decided to get both of those Gold Lion tubes.

    I’m currently listening to the 12AX7 and it’s a very high gain Tube. At slightly lower than 1/4 volume, set to mid, the Ember is about as loud as I would listen to with my HD58X. A fair amount of Tube hum between tracks, I hope that settles down after some usage. My HD650 sounds less intense, if that’s an accurate way to describe it. The Tube gets very warm, bordering on hot.

    The Gold Lion 12AT7 is slightly quieter but not by much on the volume dial with the HD58X. It too has a bit of hum but not as much as the 12AX7. I set the Ember to Low and this tube sounds very good with the HD650, probably the best I’ve heard this headphone sound.

    Both tubes sound quite detailed with good bass punch. I like them straight out of the box. I assume they’ll improve with time.

    The RCA 12AU7 is the quietest volume wise and hum wise and appears to be a good match for the Ember.

    Let the Tube rolling fun begin.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
  6. DavidA
    I usually stay away from 12AX7 and 12AT7 due to the higher gain which makes volume control too sensitive for me and also to noise issues that I've had with a few times.
    With 6JD8/6922 I've had channel imbalance with some of them so its hit or miss but the do have better dynamics to me in general.
  7. FritzS
  8. Tunkejazz
    It has been a while since I checked this, but as far as I can remember:
    Polaris: Solid state amp works with most headphones in terms of impedance (class AB amplification).
    Ember: tube pre-amp + solid state output stage, works with most headphones (AB amplification).
    Solstice: similar to Ember but less powerful. It can also be used with 12SN7 tubes, which is quite nice! Ember cannot be used with those tubes.
    Sunrise/Horizon: Very similar amps, but they are designed to work with headphones of different impedance (starlight 16-300 ohm, horizon 300-600 ohm). IIRC, these ones were class A amplification.

    I have Ember at home and Polaris at work. Really like both, as they have similar sound signature.

    Maybe someone else can complement/correct my answer...
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  9. Cho Worsh
    If you need the lower gain of the 12AU7, the PrimaLuna is good as is the NOS Lowrey organ branded 12AU7 tube that Brent Jessee sells which are exactly the same tube as the old stock RCA clear top 12AU7 tubes. If interested, send him an email inquiry.
    If you prefer the tonal balance of the 12AX7 as I do and the gain of the 12AX7 isn't too high for your headphones, the PrimaLuna 12AX7 is very good but I suggest saving up for a Telefunken ECC83/12AX7 ribbed plate if you want to be wowed by your Ember.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2019 at 6:06 AM
  10. HOWIE13
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