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Project Ember Review

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by razrr1275, Aug 7, 2013.
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  1. peter123
    Here's my baby before getting packed in and sent out to Norway:


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  2. Tuneslover
    Has anyone upgraded from the Vali 2 to the Project Ember?  I know the Ember is a more versatile amp than the V2 but assuming the same tube is being used in both amps is there much (or any) sonic differences between these 2 hybrids? 
  3. nwavesailor

    I believe @HOWIE13 has (or had at one time) owned both the Vali 2 and Ember.
    He helped me when I was considering going from a Vali 2 to a Project Starlight. I ended up selling the Vali 2 and bought the Starlight! While I enjoyed the Vali 2 the Starlight was a VERY nice step up for me in SQ.
    Granted, the Starlight is not an Ember II, but I don't regret selling the Vali 2 for the Project Starlight at all. Hopefully HOWIE13 will chime in and give you his take on these 2 amps.
    HOWIE13 also had notes, from owning a Starlight, and gave me some op-amp reviews that I found very helpful.
  4. HOWIE13
    That does indeed say it all.
    Ember is well worth to my ears the $150 extra cost compared to Vali2, even though Vali2 is excellent value for money and still a good amp.
    I've never compared the amps tube for tube as I have always taken advantage of Ember's great configurability to suit the music I listen to.
  5. HOWIE13
    Ember is so much more configurable that it isn't really possible to do a tube for tube comparison, not would it be realistic as Ember has no 'default' setting. It's a chameleon amp, altering it's characteristics according to the sound you wish for.
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  6. ericr
    ... and I find on the low impedance setting (.01 Ohms) the Ember is excellent at driving multi-BA IEMS such a the Noble K10 or 64 Audio A12.
  7. peter123
    My faithful LD I+ had to move out to make room for the new family member:

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  8. Solrighal
    I think you'll be impressed.
  9. peter123

    I am :wink:

    Honestly I think I've got a couple of really good amplifiers in the Burson Conductor V2+ and my HA-200 mono blocks but the Ember still impress me, I like it :)
  10. gug42
    what tube did you use ? the stock one ?
  11. peter123

    Hey, if you're asking me mine came with a very nice Conn tube pre installed. I've also tried it with a unknown 6SN7 tube but so far I prefer the Conn one but I've only got a couple of hours with it so far.
  12. gug42
    Well conn is the brand ? 
    Did you know the model / version ? and why is great ?
  13. peter123

    Yes, Conn is the brand. It's great because I like it :wink: Honestly I've only listened to the Ember for a couple of hours. Give me a couple of more days and I'll try to give you some more details.
  14. Tuneslover
    Well I'm a happy Schiit Vali 2 owner but have always been curious about the Project Ember. Yesterday I decided to order one.
  15. husafreak
    Kit or built? Let us know how you like it, I like mine.
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