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Project Ember Review

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by razrr1275, Aug 7, 2013.
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  1. jellofund
    That's not a problem!
    I have to admit that I'm not very technically minded so a lot of the finer details probably went over my head. Started to type up a reply but then spotted a post (#18033) in the Mojo thread that explains things a lot better than I could hope to. 
    Hope this helps and think it essentially boils down to i) consider the Mojo to be a DAC offering a very clean variable line out, and, ii) don't worry about double amping.
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  2. ericr

    If the price of the Pagoda is easy for you to swing then I would say go for it. Otherwise I would suggest the Canary. My second rig (usually at work) has the discontinued Paradisea 3 which is based on the same DAC chip as the Canary. Sure I like (well OK, love) the Pagoda, but is in no way a downer when using the Paradisea 3. I sold my Multi-bit Bifrost (aka Bimby) and kept the Paradisea 3 - if that is any indication. The Canary should only be better.

    Also, the MHDT gear seems to hold its value rather well so you should be able to upgrade later without taking too much of a hit.

    Hope that helps.
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  3. SeeSax

    Super helpful. Any idea where the Havana falls in the lineup? There's one in the classifieds for $450.
  4. ericr
    IMHO: Pagoda > Sockholm 2 > Havana 2 > Havana > Paradisea 3.

    I've not heard the Atlantis or Canary.

    If it's a Havana 2 and you are looking for maximum value for you $, I would suggest buying it right NOW. If it's the older Havana it's still worthwhile (especially if some additional tubes are included for the price).

    Also see:

    http://dhost.info/mhdtlab/mhdt dac families.htm

    So as to not hijack this thead any more than we have, please post further MHDT questions here:


    While you are there, note a recent post by @luckbad where he shares a link to his excellent and entertaining review that compares various DACS from MHDT Labs.

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  5. gug42
    Well  I will soon have a project ember ! :) i'm very excited. My first tube ! and i will have 3 tubes with it !!
    It's seems that some use precotion are needed : away from other electronical thing, seperate power supply ... is this true ?
    By the way can I made an "iem shield" with a metal box or something  ? or is it a bad idea ?
    For for the start I will use it with a Creative ZxR aop moded sources, and in few weeks with xduoo xd-05, and after something else ( very interesting in  schiit modi 2 multibit).
    Thx in advance !
  6. HOWIE13
    I wouldn't consider any adaptations just now.
    Most of the hum issues related to the use of exotic tubes or interference from other equipment.
    Essentially Ember is a quiet amplifier and I would just see how you get on without purchasing any additional products at this stage.
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  7. gug42
    Thx for you advice I stay like that and see thing coming :)
  8. mapotofu
    Thank you for this comparison.  I am considering getting the sunrise and/or ember.  It looks like the Ember is more versatile and would be better suited for my low impedance hp's (Fostex TH-900/TH-X00 are 25 ohms) but I am attracted to the more tube-like tone and class A designed MOSFET output.  I would appreciate any other feedback from anyone else who has experience with both of these amps.  Thanks!
  9. DavidA
    I have an Ember and its about as good as it gets for under $500 but for some headphones like my HD-800, T1 and DT-990 premium 250ohm they sound better on my BH Crack and my HE-560 is a little better on my Lyr2.  With the HD-800 and T1 the sound difference between the Ember and BH Crack is easy to notice but with the DT-990, HD-700, HE-400i, LCD-2 the differences between the Ember and Lyr2 are subtle and sometimes I can't tell the difference.
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  10. gug42

    Thank you for sgaring :)

    Like you say so little differences soundbetween lyr2 and ember : but a huge one for tube rolling :wink: only one for ember

  11. DavidA
    Just remember that the headphones in use make a difference in the impression.
  12. mapotofu
    Just placed an order for both the Ember and the Sunrise.  Very excited!  
  13. Tunkejazz
    Preparing to separate rigs? :)
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  14. mapotofu
    Jeremy just sent me these photos.  
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  15. nwavesailor

    You are set!
    Let the tube rolling begin..........................
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