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Project Ember Review

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by razrr1275, Aug 7, 2013.
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  1. DavidA
    After getting so many tubes for my Ember, I've gotten to the point where I just change it once a month to another one and just enjoy from there for a month before putting in the next.
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  2. Amish
    @DavidA That is one way to do it! Enjoy the roll!
  3. husafreak
    I use the low impedance setting. My TH-X00 and 64 Audio U6's are fine in the bass department so I generally prefer the low impedance setting, it just sounds clearer to me.
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  4. Solrighal
    That's what I do too. Now that I live in what many people think of as nirvana I just don't give a **** any more.
  5. DavidA
    Hi Gordon,
    I've started to become like you, too much going around in circles with many of the threads.  I had to go back to the Big Island for a few day to check on my storage since my friend said that there might have been some damage due to the storm that passed by the other week and didn't spend any time on line, it was actually really nice but I did miss listening to music with my headphones and amps.  Also went fishing down at South Point, I think it was the first time my GF camped out with no comforts of home and she really enjoyed it, it was also the first time she had eaten fresh Hawaiian spiny loboster, kona slipper lobster, wild moi and opihi just picked.
  6. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Hopefully there wasn't much damage mate. That must have been an amazing camping trip, and it sounds like the food was also excellent as always. Finally have the input tubes replaced in my 339 and I have to say, it sounds gorgeous, perhaps nicer than I had hoped for. I found a local HAM radio tube nut who has thousands of tubes (no real rare audiophile types sadly). I was sick of waiting for the mailed replacement tubes so he matched me a 1940s RCA set of 6J5Gs, tested at over 2400 each! Lucky score and he only asked $30 Canadian for the pair although I gave him $40 as he delivered them to my home the next morning. Talk about service, really nice older man.
    He bought up old military installations so even his testers are top of the line US military grade from back in the day so I know the testing is reliable. Here is a tube porn shot I just took (didn't turn out well):



  7. DavidA
    @Sonic Defender, not quite porn, R rated at best, lol.  Just kidding, the amp looks gorgeous [​IMG], the Ember seems so tiny and cute looking compared to the 339
    No real damage but had to spend 2 days drying stuff out and in the storage container it was really hot and humid.
    The camping was great and the food was even better, fresh spiny lobster sashimi or steamed kona slipper lobster is hard to beat and Lily said that she can't go back to eating regular maine lobster anymore, said she finally understands why I never cared for lobster at restaurants.
  8. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Yes, if that was porn it would be nasty and ugly. There is nowhere I can take a decent picture (plus I only have my LG G3 camera). The Ember may be smaller, but apparently the sound and quality is huge so while we know size does count at times, not here. I'm still likely to grab an Ember. I would love to try fresh lobster, but I feel too guilty boiling something alive! Maybe after a few drinks I might feel differently. Still, that has to be a crapy way to go. The price of being tasty right?
  9. SeeSax
    Hi Folks, 
    Owned an Ember 2.1 for a few months now and absolutely love it. I did, however, pair it with the wrong DAC (I think) with the Parasound ZDac. I love the DAC on its own, but with the musical and smoothed details (especially treble) I feel that I am better off with as transparent a DAC as possible per the reviews of the Ember. 
    Long way of saying: what DAC do you guys recommend with this? Something with a Sabre32? I can spend $600ish or more if it will get me return on my investment, but for now is there anything in the $500-600 range that would make this combo really sing with BD T1s or HE-560s?
    Thank you!
  10. ericr
    MHDT Labs Canary
  11. Sonic Defender Contributor
    iDSD Micro has a nice a lively DAC section. Not harsh, but certainly not warm, plus you get the flexibility of a preamp and pretty darn solid headphone amp all in one small footprint. Don't let size fool you, the Micro has earned a great deal of praise around head-fi for good reason. I'm sure there are many great options, but the Micro should be a contender and very, very difficult to beat for performance to value.
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  12. lugnut
    What ever dac you do decide on, I would make sure it does not have it's own volume control on top of the Embers volume control. I see so many people on head-fi using two vol controls which in my humble opinion is not good. I come from the speaker world and the majority of folks would just never do this. I know that some say to turn one of them up 100% and use the second one to adjust with. I still don't think it makes for a good situation.
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  13. HOWIE13
    I agree it makes sense to have as few connections and electronics as possible in the signal path. However, I do find the handset volume control of the M-DAC useful as it controls each channel separately, and so you can adjust for channel imbalance, which is not uncommon in Classical recordings.
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  14. SeeSax
    This looks really interesting, but I never thought to pair a tube DAC with a tube amp. Would you still suggest this for squeezing the most detail out of music since my Ember obviously softens it up a bit? 
  15. DavidA
    My suggestion is the UD-301, a bit more dynamic than my Uber/MB Bifrost so paired with the Ember its a better match IMO.  But for the T1 I prefer it paired with the BH Crack and Bifrost Uber while I like the HE-560 is paired with Lyr2/Bifrost MB, the differences are very little but after a while with one or the other the differences become easier to notice.  Just remember that this is a sonic preference and not a better or worse issue.
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