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Project Ember Review

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by razrr1275, Aug 7, 2013.
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  1. ericr

    Unfortunately I've not yet heard the LCD-X (or the LCD-4) so it is hard for me to say for certain. There have been multiple opportunities to try the pre-fazor LCD-2 and am confident there are several IEMs able to best them.

    First, as previously mentioned I'm partial to the 64 Audio line-up. They are the first to license the ADEL technology with to put it simply, changes an IEM to have qualities attributed to full sized open back 'phones (vs. closed bqck). Additionally, the ADEL technology eliminates the pressure/pounding typically associated with an IEM (I can listen to mine for hours on end.)


    Just before 64 Audio released their ADEL products I was considering 5he K10 from Noble Audio.


    A TOTL IEM shootout from a few months ago (part 2 coming soon).


    Hope that helps!

  2. ericr

    It's cool that IEMS now rival full-sized headphones in sound quality.

    Unfortunately they can also rival full-sized headphones in price!
  3. iancraig10
    OMG. They are a helluva price!!!!!

    I just tried my Senns with amps. Some hiss like snakes while others are quiet.

    The Fiio e12a is quiet and the O2 is dead. The IFi Idsd is dead quiet but the Ifi Nano is terrible. The Polaris hisses even in low gain and the ember is a pit of snakes.

    I guess one advantage of using an amp if it's quiet is the fact that you can then use the line out from DAP's, avoiding the vol pot, which can have an effect on sound. Certainly in the case of iPods. The vol out seems to lack deep bass which appears on line out into an external dac.

    So if the amp is dead quiet, then theoretically, the noise floor can be lowered?

    I'll give it a go with just my Senns.
  4. Tuneslover
    I understand that the Project Ember might exhibit some hiss with IEM's (tube dependent) but I'm assuming this is not the case with low or mid resistance headphones. Yes, No?
  5. HOWIE13
    Maybe with high gain 12AX7 and your SRH840; not likely with your HD598/650 and HE500, but it's tube dependent too. 
    Increasing output impedance usually gets rid of the hiss.
  6. amigastar
    Hello there,
    i have unfortunately an Issue with my Project Ember 2.0.
    when i use the volume knob sometimes my left channel scratches and then dies for a moment.
    Could it be the Tube? Tomorrow i change to an other Tube to see what causes this behaviour.
    I hope its only the Tube acting up, because Garage1217 is in america and I'm from Europe so repair would be cumbersome.
  7. DavidA
    did the problem go away with the new tube?
  8. husafreak
    I picked the 64 Audio U6 as my IEM earlier this year. It is amazing how good they sound but I am still a headphone guy if I'm at home. Rabbit is right though, you will spend more for equivalent sound quality from an IEM. Yeah you can put a pair in your pocket but the tech is pricey!
  9. husafreak
    I put my Ember II and Polaris out for audition at the SF Head Fi show today. The Ember was pretty popular but no one wanted to actually try different tubes or move the jumpers. So they all heard a 6SN7 and my TH-X00 settings. I thought for sure the amp and a tray full of tubes would get some attention but no one wanted to give it a go. Maybe they were afraid they would break something... Me, I like to tinker, so I was a bit disappointed. Everyone liked the amp just fine though.
  10. HOWIE13
    That's annoying. If it's not the tube maybe a potentiometer problem. I'm sure Jeremy will sort it quickly under warranty but such a nuisance being without it even for a week or two.
    I had to return my Horizon when the Supercharger cooked itself. Jeremy was very fast but, of course, still takes a week to post from Scotland, unless you pay a lot of money to send by 48 hour delivery.
    If you do have to send it back make sure you mark on the Customs note that it's a 'return to seller for repair', otherwise it will get held up.
    Hope it's only the tube.
    amigastar likes this.
  11. amigastar
    I will see later this day, it's early in the morning where i am :) I hope it's just the Tube.
  12. DavidA
    That's one thing I like about auditioning stuff at my friends house, I can just do whatever I want to try without the fear of breaking something.   If I was one of those that were looking at your gear I wouldn't have tried to change tubes or settings without asking you first, or more like asking you to change the tube or settings.
  13. amigastar
    Ok, so i changed the tube and for now no dead left channel, scratchiness while adjusting volume is still there, will have to observe further though. Lets hope for the best and i keep updating.
    I mean even the manual says:
    If input capacitor are bypassed, you will hear a scratching sound when adjusting the volume potentiometer

    I just can't remember if i bypassed them.
  14. TraceStar
    Even with the caps not bypassed some scratchiness might be there. This depends on tubes too.

    Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  15. amigastar
    Thats true just set the jumpers different on the input capacitors and still scratchiness.
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