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Project Ember Review

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by razrr1275, Aug 7, 2013.
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  1. HOWIE13
    I'm a bit lazy once my headphones are all cozy on my ears and usually just pull the connector out while changing the jumper.[​IMG]
  2. iancraig10

    That's not a rant. I really don't see why. Most iem's are 16 ohms and very sensitive.

    There's not much point in using an iem in a home set up IMO. Even the lead is a bit short normally.

    No rant was intended, it was a genuine statement. I can't see why.

    I used the words PROBABLY and MIGHT because I have an Ember and Polaris here and was implying that it WILL. I should have written WILL because I tried it after you wrote it here on mine.

    The gain is too high and I noticed the noise floor. There were no assumptions at all. I tried it.
  3. dpump
    I have an Ember V1. The V1 has a fairly high gain and often you can't use much of the volume control range. You have a lot of volume with very little movement of the volume control. If you want to reduce the gain on the V1 you have to desolder and change 2 resistors. Contact Jeremy at Garage1217 and he can advise you what to change and the value and he can sell you the parts. Or you can send your amp to him. I purchased the resistors from Jeremy and replaced mine.
    The gain issue on the V1 was one of the things that was changed in the V2. The V2 has a module you can unplug and replace to lower the gain. Again Jeremy can advise and sell you a module. You want need to unsolder anything or send the amp in. I haven't tried iem's on my V1 but have read that some iem's will work on any of the Embers if the gain is lowered enough. With a V2 you could even switch modules to match your phones or your source output if you wanted.
  4. iancraig10
    Iem's do work, yes.

    Higher impedance is more advisable with the Ember though.

    Mine is also a V1. In fact, it's one of the first made by Solderdude, not Garage Amps. He sent it to me for a listen before they went out so mine is also high powered.

    It was because of the problem of noise with lower impedances that the option was added to the V2 but it's not really so crucial to use an amp with an iem.
  5. RedBull

    I understand that, Ember sounds nice even without touching those jumpers :D
  6. RedBull
    Yup, IEM works with Ember V1 (mine) but it's better to use lower gain, quite tubes like 12au7. Definitely not 12ax7!
  7. SuperU
  8. iancraig10

    :gs1000smile: seriously? That was not a rant, believe me!!!

    I agree, different tubes create a different noise floor. I could still hear it with the D2000 and TH900 which was a pain. I was wanting the Ember to warm the Fostex a fraction but didn't like having that slight hiss there.
  9. HOWIE13
    Does the latest iteration of Ember have an additional setting for an output resistor, or something, which is supposed to reduce hiss of higher gain tubes?
    Don't know if that would help any in this situation.
  10. RedBull

    Hmm, I thought I couldn't hear any hiss with my sensitive SE530 IEM, low impedance MA900, ATH-AD2000. But of course I never hear Ember with D2000 and TH900.

    Do you also hear hiss with 6SN7 tube?
  11. iancraig10
    I was getting it with an Orange Globe, but I guess it is really dependent on the tube more than anything. The Ember is slightly noisier than the Polaris and if anything, if someone wanted to use an Iem or very low impedance headphone, I think I'd go to the Polaris which has a good set of gain options and produces less noise,

    Don't get me wrong, the hiss isn't in yer face type hiss. It's low level but I also have bat's hearing for high sounds too.

    If you want to spot hiss, a very quiet room and just plug/unplug while listening and you might be aware of it.

    These days, I stick much more with the Polaris because of that and also the nature of tubes can be erratic.

    In the end, my Globe tube started to become ultra sensitive to taps on the body of the amp and it became very noisy because it was on its last legs. I switched it for something else - I think just a plain Jan Philips which was better as far as noise goes.

    I don't tend to play around too much with tubes. You can too easily become obsessed by them!!!!! :wink:
  12. DavidA

    I think the hiss is a large degree caused by the tubes used, most 12AX7 I've tried have a slight hiss but only when I turn up the volume to pain levels.  Most of my 12AU7 don't seem to have any hiss to me and my GF who has much better hearing says she doesn't notice any hiss either.
  13. iancraig10
    Maybe I'll try some other tubes then. I wanted the Ember to warm up my th900 but for me, the hiss put me off. Trouble is, over the years, my ears have learned to tune in to hiss and buzzes by habit because of my old job.

    Now I'm retired, the habit has stayed with me.

    The V2 was altered partly because of low Impedance headphone use. They seem to be getting lower and lower each year!!! (and more sensitive)

    One of the reasons that I like the Polaris so much is that it has a lower noise floor While retaining a slight element of tube sound so that it helps to warm up the Fostex for me.
  14. iancraig10

    You know Howard, you're right. It does. Quite a few on DIYAH were reporting noise so Frans did offer some kind of 'fix' for it. I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable adjusting the gain for iem's though TBH.

    He's working on a Kameleon filter for them now. That'll be fun.
    HOWIE13 likes this.
  15. HOWIE13
    Well, like you I do get hiss with some lower impedance headphones with Ember. Depends on the tubes- more gain, more hiss, but there are ample configurations with Ember to achieve a hiss free environment.
    I find some cans are also more prone to hiss than others. HD600/650, X1/2 and HE400 no hiss - HP100 and SRH840 need to be more careful with tube matching but it's not a big deal, plenty choices with Ember.
    The cords of my IEM'S are too short to use with my home set-up anyway so don't use them except with portable stuff.
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