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Project Ember Review

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by razrr1275, Aug 7, 2013.
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  1. Luckbad
    Yep, I wrote this comparison:

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  2. RedBull
    I don't have 6n6p but 6n30p, Jeremy said the sound is about the same.  Yes, it gives a nice full sound, I love it.  But my fav is like you, 6SN7.
  3. skyline315
    Don't dismiss the Ember.  The HD600 sounds fantastic with it when paired with a 6N6P tube.
    Honestly, though, if you feel you're going to be using the 600 for a long time, I'd recommend the Valhalla 2.  If you think your headphone stable might fluctuate a bit, then the Ember gives you better versatility.  
  4. husafreak
  5. SuperU
    For what it's worth...  [​IMG]
    Here is another vote for the Ember 2. 
    I had the Asgard 2 (still do but it's in the closet now). The Ember runs much cooler.
    The Ember 2 just rocks with the 6n6p tube. I love it. 
    It has the power to drive most anything and is very adjustable. 
  6. Decommo

    Thank you. May I know why Valhalla2 instead of Ember2 for HD600?
  7. skyline315
    The Valhalla is an OTL tube amp and is designed specifically with high impedance phones like the HD6X0 in mind.  But, if you decide to branch out in the future, especially into planars, then the Ember is a better option.  
  8. Decommo

    Thank you. Understood. One last question.. Is not Sunrise and Horizon OTL tube amp like Valhalla2?
  9. skyline315
    I think so, but I haven't heard either of them.  I try to keep my recommendations limited to things I've owned/heard extensively.  [​IMG]
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  10. RedBull
    I heard Valhalla 2, although OTL is generally better for 300 ohm Sennheiser, you also need to love sound signature it brings.
    In my opinion, with HD800, V2 sounds too clean, vocal is a little bit too distant to my taste, treble splash a little too much at times.
    Sorry, haven't heard V2 with HD600, maybe it sounds better, I don't know.
    Don't ask me about the tubes used, I just listen to what on the table :D
    Maybe different tubes can fixed it?  maybe it is just what you are looking for?
    On the other hand, Ember sounds just perfect to my ears, perfect amount of warmth in the mids, not too much not to little, not recessed at all.  Vocal is so clear and pleasant.
    For me, I still prefer Ember than V2 although Ember is not OTL.
    My point is, I think, also need to consider the signature that the amp delivers than just the topology.
  11. skyline315
    You're right...the Valhalla 2 is not by any means your traditional warm tube amp.  Within the world of tube amps, it leans towards a more lean and clinical presentation.  In my opinion, the HD600 and HD650 both benefit from this.  The 650 especially.
    Though, again, I'm not tossing the Ember under the bus here.  It does just fine with the HD lineup.  
  12. amigastar
    got another question guys
    What does the output resistance do? There is to choose from 0.1 ohm, 35 and 120. What exactly does happen when i change it from mid to low or high?
    As far as i've understood high gives a more tubey (warm, rounded?) sound,right? And low a solid state one.
  13. DavidA
    Change the output resistance to better match your headphone: for the HD-650 @300 ohms use either the 35 or 120 setting, for most planar that have 35 to 70 ohm ratings use the 0.1 or 35 setting.  There is no hard set rule, just go with what sounds good to you
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  14. RedBull
    Right, depends on then sound you like. I change the settings depending on the recording also.
    For good recording I use low impedance cos it's more detail and more lean. For not so good recording, higher impedance setting is more forgiving.
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  15. iancraig10
    Some headphones are affected more than others by the output impedance.

    A higher output impedance can slightly raise the bass of some headphones.

    I got a surprise from Grados when I raised it to 120 ohms. Shouldn't really be that high for low impedance headphones but they sounded quite a bit more mellow to me.

    Generally, I use 0.1 unless I want to hear a warmer sound. It doesn't work for all headphones though.
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