progressive rock?
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Wow, I thought after 2 pages I was going to have to be the first person to mention Tool. Thanks for taken the burden off my chest!
My favorite album is Lateralus

I can't say anything that hasn't been said so far. Enjoy.

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Second vote for Genesis, the real Peter Gabriel Genesis that is, not the abomination that was lead after his parting by Phil Collins into some strange non world of Motown pop drivel.


Nursery Crime
Foxtrot...................This has the awesome 'suppers ready' track
Selling England by the Pound
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

at a pinch

Seconds out ........a live album

A Trick of the tail..............the first post PG album

Wind and Wuthering............the second post PG album

I would not slide any further down the slope than this.

Also consider for prog electronica chilout music with no lyrics

Tangerine Dream, either Phaedra or Rubicon

Tomita, Snowflakes are dancing.....a rework of Debussey.

and a second vote for Steve Hackett, and his superb Spectral Mornings and Please Don't Touch.

And the original concept prop album from the 60's British R&B outfit , The Small Faces, Ogdens Nut Gone Flake.

Anything by Kevin Ayers, kind of cafe prog ( he used to drink wine with Syd Barret)

One of my all time Prog/Folk rock albums

Wishbone Ash, Argus

and lets us not forget the melodic Moody Blues.

Days of Future Past
To Our Chidrens Childrens Children
Every Good Boy Derserves Favour

also around at the time

The superb Black Sabbath

and some people were into Barclay James Harvest and Greenslade, although I never got into them.

If you get the chance to look up the solo works of some of the band members, may I recommend

Jon Anderson, Olias of Sunhillow
Chris Squire, Fish out of Water

Rick Wakeman, the 6 wives of henry VIII, and Journey to the Cetre of the Earth, also consider to whimsical but superb, Myths and Legends of the Court of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

For fans looking for that late 60's early 70's psychadelic prog sound as opitomised by the early Syd Barret Pink Floyd albums such as Saucerfull of Secrets and The Piper at The Gates of Dawn, look no further than the elephant six network of bands from the USA in the 1990s. In particuler bands such as The Olivia Tremor Control and their superb album, 'Dusk at Cubist Castle' and the terrifc Neutral Milk Hotel, my fav being 'The Airoplane Over The Sea'

If I think of any more I will be back
(I was in highschool in 1973)
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Originally Posted by delaril /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Tool -- amazing that a popular band can be this good.

One of the best bands nowadays

Phideaux makes progressive rock, and some say Little Brian also makes prog. rock though that doesn't really describe their music
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Personally I think that Yes' - Close To The Edge album is one of the greatest ever, prog or otherwise. I also feel that there has never been a group with the amount of sheer talent as the original Yes had.

If you have never listened to it, be sure you do before you die.
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70s Various Prog.




Amon Duul II

Atomic Rooster



Rare Bird


Van Der Graf Generator


Soft Machine





Tangerine Dream


Gentle Giant

Captain Beyond



Uriah Heep


Ash Ra Tempel



Mike Oldfield



Rick Wakeman

Check out Journey's first two releases Journey & Look Into The Future

Not listing most of the obvious
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My favorite classic prog:


Superb albums:

Crime of the Century (School is absolutely brilliant)
Breakfast in America
Crisis? What Crisis?
Even in the Quietest Moments...

and my personal favorite: Brother Where You Bound
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You can check my page (signature). Porcupine Tree is easily my favorite band nowadays and I really love modern progressive rock. Older progressive rock is great also but I'm not listening it as much as newer bands.

But these bands (these are all modern progressive rock) you HAVE to check:

Dream Theater
A Perfect Circle
Spock's Beard
The Tangent
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