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Programs used for HiFi listening

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by dobrescu george, Sep 12, 2014.
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  1. Dobrescu George
    I am not really that good into windows programs great for music...
    So... right now i am using foobar2000, and have been using it for the pas 2 years, as it sounds way better than winamp...
    As i needed an equalizer, after selling my creative x-fi soundblaster 5.1 usb soundcard, i downloaded viper4windows... i don't know if it distorts the music or not... As a DAC i am using fiio X5....
    Any software recomandations for windows that would make my music experience better?....
    Linux is also accepted only if you can explain in detail what i have to do... usually, windows seems to sound better than linux, using similar softwares...
    Also, why would i even try 24/192?... now that i have a DAC that can do 24/192, i read everywhere that it is a scam, and flac ripped correctly, CD quality, is the best quality i am ever going to get....
  2. castleofargh Contributor
    foobar is perfectly fine. usually for peace of mind we try to use bit perfect one way or another (asio, wasapi, ks) all available as foobar components if you decide to stick with it.
    the problem then is that the purpose of bit perfect is to bypass any undesired stuff going on in your computer. and viper would be one of those bypassed stuff.
    if using viper (and not only the equalizer) does improve your experience, I suggest you keep it that way as going bit perfect will not make any night and day difference if your computer isn't flocked with active DSPs from your soundcard softwares. and if you're unsure, just try it's easy and free.
    now depending on what you use viper for, there might be better options in foobar, the EQ being the most obvious one. viper's EQ is limited and not practical to use, when you can get some great parametric EQ vst for free(you first need to install a vst wrapper for foobar). but in fact you can get a lot of things, compressor, surround, crossfeed... the limit is the sky and how some might not do so well with others. but if you need something, chances are it exists for foobar. some free some not.
    I guess it's more about precision of setting and convenience. as what you do in viper works for everything on the computer, when what you do in foobar works in foobar only. so for playing music, foobar and the right components added might be best, but if you wish to keep the effects for gaming or movies, then viper is indeed a great choice.
    about hires, I'm not really a fan, some cry if they go under 96khz (while usually being unable to tell the difference if not told beforehand) but at least output foobar in 24bit if it's ok with the X5. no need for 24bit files, it's just adding zeros so that you can use foobar or your computer's volume control a little without crushing the least significant bits of your track. it's not an hifi trick, it's a practical one that happens to have zero negative effect.
  3. Redcarmoose
    I second the Wasapi add on. For what ever reason there can be certain sound issues which Wasapi cures. I will never use Foobar with-out it.
  4. ElephantTLK
    JRiver Media Center with WASAPI output. [​IMG]
  5. SubSTI
    JRiver MC20 over ASIO. I hear no difference compared to foobar but MC has more functionality like library options, video playback, etc. 
    Just give it a try, you can try it for free for a couple of days anyway.
  6. rids57
    Another MusicBee fan here. I use it with the built in WASAPI driver and found it much easier than Foobar to get exactly the layout I wanted.
  7. Dobrescu George
    This has turned out complicated.... 
    So, can anyone in here post a link to a little something like a tutorial on how to install wasapi, how to install a vst wrapper, and where to get the best eq application for foobar?....
    Also, i need an equalizing function that would work with the entire computer sound output through the fiio x5 as a sound card....
    Also, as for another music programs, i am ok with foobar2000, i would only try if it were for a better SQ....
  8. jiiteepee
    VST Wrapper component - http://wiki.hydrogenaud.io/index.php?title=Foobar2000:Components/VST_adapter ..or.. http://www.yohng.com/software/foobarvst.html
    WASAPI Output component - http://www.foobar2000.org/components/view/foo_out_wasapi
    Various type EQ VST plug-ins- http://www.kvraudio.com/q.php
    Software usally are installed by running the bundled installer.
    VST Wrapper needs to be configured (execute a plug-in scan) before your VST's becomes avilable.
    A system-wide parametric equalizer for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 - http://sourceforge.net/projects/equalizerapo/ (does not work with all systems nor with wasapi/asio)
    GUI's for realtime EQ can be found from few sources (mine are at http://jiiteepee.tripod.com/home.html)
    Another possible method is use virtual audio cabling (search instructions from this forum (words: VAC, electri-q, global eq)
  9. castleofargh Contributor
    I don't think there is something foobar can't do. but it's true that the configuration might often be less complicated with other softwares.
    about the entire computer EQ , as I said, viper is the most logic way. as jiiteepee said you can use a virtual cable software (a fancy name for something that lies to your computer about how many audio path there are so that you can route whatever ... wherever). the main problem with this is that you often end up with a small delay and if it's ok for audio, it might not be for gaming and movies. viper is the same, but there is a very simple and clear latency setting where you give up cpu for speed. anyway virtual cable isn't a bad way to go at it, it's only that honestly if you have troubles setting up foobar, maybe you should wait until you're a little more comfortable with audio settings and VST applications before trying. it's not that complicated, simple proof, I did it ^_^. but it's clearly more complicated than setting up viper and foobar.
    for foobar (so music only EQ) I would recommend easy-q http://www.rs-met.com/freebies.html
    or electri-Q if you can find it somewhere, it has a few more features, but also a lot more bugs.
    !!!! you do need a VST wrapper installer first as posted above to use those EQ in foobar!!!!
    equalizer apo and jiiteepee's GUI are really cool if you wanna play with the graphs from your headphone, but I would say that it does none of what you're asking for in your particular needs.
    so as I said in my first post, for the whole computer, viper is probably the most practical option for you as you already have it. and for foobar, go one step at a time, it's not rocket science so don't let it overwhelm you(it took me 6 months before even trying to install a VST wrapper when I first discovered those stuff existed).
    for wasapi
    then you go to file->preferences->output  and just pick the device name with wasapi name in it. set 24bit if it's ok for your dap and you're done.
    but remember that wasapi will neutralize viper.
  10. Dobrescu George
    a pretty interesting subject... so.... 
    For cover art, as i understood, it is a very very bad ideea to embeed it into a lossless file.... so i should keep a cover.jpg in the folder of the album.... now.... i might need a program to turn my cover.jpg files into a 500x500,..... they are mostly very very high definition, and i really don't like the ideea of going through all my collection and replacing every cover.jpg to a lower version of it.....
    i mean, i am using irfaview for image viewing, but it cannot convert images as a lot, only one by one....
  11. castleofargh Contributor

    there are a lot of softwares doing that, free or not. in fact I never used irfanview, but I know it's been around for years so I would be surprise if it didn't have a batch processing function.
    anyway just look for "batch resize..." in google and you'll find pretty much a limitless number of available options. I did it once but can't seem to remember what I used at the time...  probably with photoshop like a barbarian using a hammer to get a fly.
  12. m-i-c-k-e-y
    I prefer JRiver over Foobar due to better interface and more (Movies, Images, Streaming).

    Running DAC thru KS upsampled all to DSD128 (DAC limitation) with iZotope Ozone Advanced as VST plugin.
  13. Dobrescu George
    It has !
    i will look into what jriver is, but i cannot understand the last repply... izotope ozone is a vst plugin for mastering tools... what are you doing with it?....
  14. jiiteepee
    ... maybe it's headphones/speakers you need to invest to?
    He just converts the data format to DSD realtime using VST plug-in from iZotope Ozone Advanced pckage (BTW $999USD) ... sure this isn't reasonable way to go...
  15. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Izotope Ozone fills in the gap what is lacking on my system. What I could not do in hardware I do it in software.

    I could add warmth, bite, punch, space etc. on my system with its numerous plugins.


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