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Prog rock

Discussion in 'Music' started by warmen, Dec 12, 2006.
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  1. YtseJamer
    The new Organized Chaos album is quite good. (Recommended if you like bands like Pain Of Salvation and Haken)

  2. Greyscale
    My favourite prog albums:
    Solaris-Book of Prophecies Nostradamus : it's an underrated album, but it's a must have album.
    Premiata Forneria Marconi - Dracula Opera Rock
    Riverside-Second life syndrome is a masterpiece
    Green Carnation - Light of day, day of darkness
  3. waynes world
    Tidal is having a hard time loading up that puppy up for some reason (maybe because it's an hour long track), but I listened to "The Accoustic Verses" and "A Blessing in Disguise". I'm not hugely into prog metal, but I really enjoyed those. Great band. Thanks!

    Edit: found Light of day on youtube. Yup, that's pretty cool as well :)
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
  4. YtseJamer
    New A Perfect Circle single

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  5. KopaneDePooj
    Orphaned Land - Unsung Prophets And Dead Messiahs
    A great album ruined by the English accent of the vocalist.
    IMO sing in English if your accent is perfect, otherwise sing in your native language! This album would have been much more interesting in Hebrew.
    I love Rammstein in German, can't listen to them in English...
  6. YtseJamer
    New TesseracT

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  7. YtseJamer
    New Kino

  8. YtseJamer
    One of the best new Prog bands from Canada!

    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
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  9. KopaneDePooj
    I think it has been posted before but I rediscovered this great song which reminds me of Syd Barret.
    Wonderful song!

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  10. tienbasse
    I discovered the band Anubis while browsing on Amazon the other day.
    Don't really know why people sometimes say that this is not a prog band, because when you listen to those 2 gems, it sure sounds like good prog (on the rock side to be fair):
    As most bands they also compose more classical rock songs, and rather good ones! Guitars and keyboard are rather simple and very expressive and the drummer is a freaking beast with offbeat playing.

    Nice one and the second half from 5min12 is dragging on and on, very melodic...

    Epic 3 min intro from 2min22 !!!
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
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  11. swspiers
    Wow. Someone actually came up with a criticism for one of the finest albums from one of the greatest, and most important bands on the planet. They sing in English. How dare they try to take their universal theme of reconciliation and co-existence to a large audience. Pretentious bastards...

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  12. tienbasse
    This is a first indeed... not even worth answering such nonsense.
    Second degree incoming: this is also why English speaking natives should never speak any other language. Oh wait... they can't anyway! :wink:
    I know, it's an easy one. :D
  13. swspiers
    Hey, just to be clear, the smiley face I used indicated a gentle teasing. Kopane is one of the coolest people on Head-Fi. I kinda understand where he's coming from, I just happen to dig the accent. Also, there is a movement, especially in Folk Metal, that sings in native languages.

    Regardless, Orphaned Land released one heck of an album. I'll be listening to it a lot!!!
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  14. KopaneDePooj
    Um yeah... when I listened to that album I was working and the music was somewhere in the background, I was not focusing on it, so don't know about the message, politics, implications of what I said and such :)
    What was filtered to me was just: good music / bad accent. That's all.
    Sorry if my comment was out of place.
  15. aWildSalmon
    rush rush rush rush rush rush rush rush rush rush rush rush rush rush rush rush rush rush rush rush rush rush rush rush
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