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Professor Beats Ear Sweets (Comply tips alternative)

  1. suicidal_orange
    In my search for large Comply TSX400 tips at a reasonable price I came across these Professor Beats Ear Sweets*.  After some hesitation the lower price and extra pair won over the dodgy name and garish colour and I bought a pack of large ones hoping they would fit, which they do.
    They arrived quickly and I've had them in daily use for a week now on my Tzars and I'm impressed - they are just as comfortable and isolating as the Complys they replaced and with them fitted backwards there is only about 1mm of tube sticking out over the end of the earpiece so there is little to no effect on the sound (I've used Complys for so long I don't remember anything else.  Unfortunately my old pair were ready for the bin so I can't directly compare...)
    Will they last?  Only time will tell, but they still look good as new after a quick rub with a damp finger (the yellow does look dirty easily) and there's no sign of the foam detaching from the tube so I am hopeful.  Complys usually last me about a month so I will report back how they're holding up in three weeks or so.
    If you're in the market for some new foam tips for your large bore 'phones I would consider these!
    * I have no affiliation with this seller, I'm just a happy customer.
  2. NawiLlih
    Any comments on compatibility or service? I've been looking at these too and would appreciate the help :) Thanks in advance.
  3. suicidal_orange
    Not sure what you expect in the way of service, they were sent ASAP in a buble envelope (I'm sure these have a name but I can't think of it now!) and the test tube they come in is plenty tough enough to survive a trip in the post.  I also got a friendly e-mail as their printer was broken so they couldn't print the instructions which were basically "if they're stuck in the tube - bang it" [​IMG]
    As to compatibility they are what I call "big bore" and fit my Tzars, JVC HA-FXZ200 and HiFiMan RE-262, which all take a comply 400 series so that  list is probably what you want to look at.  The Large size is bigger than a medium Comply TS (these are the same round-ish profile) so you should probably order the same size too.  I wanted bigger to see if I could get the JVCs to stay in which worked.
    Four weeks use now and I'm still on my first pair, though they are starting to come away from the inner tubing so I'll need to change them soon.  That's about the same as I got out of a pair of Complys so YMMV.
    Other notes:
    Using Complys while working out they acted like a sponge, which I found was a good way to clean them but made them slip out a bit.  The Ear Sweets don't absorb sweat so stay in better during exercise, hopefully that means they don't absorb wax etc too though as there's no way to get it out...
    I'm still a happy customer.
  4. NawiLlih
    Ok, thanks :)
    I say an advert for these and wondered if they were worth trying. Clearly they are, so I'll have to look into getting some!
  5. Arvan
    I found these when i was searching for complys just like you :) .. Since it´s bin a while since you got them. Can you ad to the discussion how they hold up to complys? 

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