Problems with soundcard, can someone help?
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Mar 24, 2005
Does a Gilmore Lite need burn in time to sound decent, how long and what is it suppose to sound like? Reason I am askiing is yesterday I had a EMU 0404 installed and a custom breakout cable by headphile...I know they need some burn in time as well. But it is extremely distorted even att very low volumes, totaly unlistenable.

I hadn't installed the Gilmore lite till yesterday. I downloaded updated application software and drivers from the EMU site.

When I tried uninstalling the audio deck from the chaintech it did nothing everytime I hit uninstall. Then I tried hitting the uninstall icon in the envy folders and I got a message saying "Windows is unable to support uninsta.isu".

When I'd hit use web to find appropiate program- I'd get Microsofts Windows file asssociation page where it said it was a Installshield Uninstal Script but no program . I then went to CKNOW.COM and found Microvision which owns Installshield and they have a 20 DAY I downloaded it but it wouldn't run the uninstall script.

Does anyone know of another program, or the cause of the problem? couuld having the old drivers be causing this or is it 1 of the 3 breakout cable, amp or sound card? Or maybe I have it setup wrong?

My other amp is a portable with a mini connnector. I only want to use the output for music listening.
Thanks in advance.
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Oct 26, 2005
Your prob. most likely stems from not starting with a clean slate. Remove everything before you even think of re-installing your EMu. That also means using a rudimentry reg. cleaner like RegVac in novice mode. After doing all of that go into Prog. files - if there is a folder relating to any sound card - remove it physically.......then start afresh with Emu install. If you find a prob. still exists, then check your EMu settings ...........if those settings check out..........then a process of elimination. eg. play some music without the Gilmore attached and see if the orig. prob. continues to exist....etc..

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