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Problems with my Woo Audio WA22

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by shinsengumi, Oct 22, 2010.
  1. Shinsengumi
    I have got some problems with my 5 month old WA22.
    Yesterday I was going to listen to my new Denon D7000. When I turned on the amp, the main fuse went off in my home, it got totally dark. So I switched fuse and turned on the amp. It worked. I swapped some tubes to see if it was the problem. But it worked. So I listened for a while and turned it off. Later on the evening I remembered that WA22 has a hi and loww switch and wanted to try the D7000 on the low setting. When i turned it on the fuse went again.
    Today I can't power it without the fuse going off. I have tried different electrical contacts, but it seems to be a different problem. I have just contacted Woo Audio, but I want to hear if you know an easy fix. I was so looking forward to take a whisky and listen to some music.
    Thankful for every kind of help!
  2. Shinsengumi
    Now it isn't working at all, it's completely dead:frowning2:
    I have tried to switch tubes and bought a new power chord. But it ain't working.
    Seems like I have to ship it across the Atlantic. Money saved for LCD-2 will probably go to ship and pay the customs for the amp:frowning2:
  3. mikemalter
    The only problem I ever had with my WA22 was when I was tube rolling and swapped in a Sophia Princess.  That blew the fuse.  I swapped out the tube and put in a new fuse, and all was ok.  The problem was the tube, which Jack replaced.
    Jack is very good to answer quickly?
    Also, there is another thread, "Woo Audio Owners Unite," and most of the Woo guys hang out there, so I'd post something there.
    Good luck.  I know what it feels like when your WA22 goes down and I hope you get a quick resolution.
  4. Shinsengumi
    I have got an answer from Woo and they suggested that I should replace the fuse.

    I have Sophia Princess as well, and maybe she is the crock in this case. I will change it on Sunday and hopefully it will work again.
  5. mikemalter
    Is the Sophia blown?  If not, it might not be the problem.  However, I am not very knowledgable so please take what I say with a grain of salt, it's just a thought.


  6. Shinsengumi

    I read my post again, and I made a dangling modifier. Sophia seems ok, but I meant that maybe she is the cause that the fuse got blown. But I am not either knowledgeable, so I will change the fuse on Sunday and hopefully I will be able to listen tom my dear WA22 soon again.
  7. fuzzybubbles
    Have you got your WA22 problems sorted yet? I was thinking of ordering one but don't want to have to deal with reliability issues as I live in the UK
    Good luck!
  8. mikemalter


    I've got a WA22 and the only problem I ever had was with the Sophia Princess.  When I put that tube in, I blew the fuse.  I talked with Jack and it was a quality problem with the Sophia.  He contacted the company and they sent me another one and I have not had any problems since.
    I'm really pleased by not only the build and audio quality of my WA22, but by Jack's responsiveness to emails.
  9. Shinsengumi


    Sadly enough the WA22 is completely dead. I have got quick email answers from Jack and he has really tried to help me. But I have to ship it back for repair. There is always a risk to import audio gear, but for me it wasn't really an option, because in Sweden there aren't that much choices regarding headphone amplifier. I would miss a lot of great stuff if I hadn't imported WA22, Little Dot MKIII and so forth. I have been very satisfied with my WA22! I am really missing it...
  10. .Sup
    I hope you get it sorted out soon gumi. I was about to get the WA2 but didn't had enough money. The tax is enormous 
  11. mikemalter


    Sorry to hear.  Hope you get it fixed soon.

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