Problems with E17k and a Galaxy S3 (Android 5.1.1)
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Apr 18, 2012
I'am having a problem with my recently acquired Fiio E17K beeing fed by my trusty old S3 running Lolipop:
if the audio stream is closed, may it be through a pause or a track change, the DAC basically quits working.
What's really strange is that toggling through the inputs pauses the playback (as it should do), and hitting the
play button again gives me the "lock" information on the display of the E17K, but I still can't hear anything.
I have to reinsert the cable to get it working again, but even that doesn't work everytime.

It's not a problem of power drainage. Not only is usb charging deactivated but if I keep fading out and into
tracks - therefore never closing the audio stream - I can in principle listen till the battery of the E17k
gives up.

Any ideas? Maybe a different kernel or a few setting changes for Alsa?

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