Problem with Sony MDR-ZX610AP headphones!
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New Head-Fier
May 13, 2015
My name is Ronald! First time posting here and I hope it is a right forum for my problem.
So today I bought new Sony MDR-ZX610AP headphones . 
I plug them into my MP3 player and started to listen some music. Audio quality is really good and bass is also great. 
Now to the issue: audio is louder in left ear than it is in my right ear. I looked: L is on the left ear and R is on the right ear . So I tried and turned them around. Audio quality went a bit better but still music was louder in my left ear. 
What could cause this:
I bought broken headphones?
I need to wash my ears? or
These headphones are ment for smarpthones? or
Somethign else? 
I appreciate feedback! :)

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