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Problem With Ie8 Senheiser

  1. fereydoon1

    Last night i accident kick my headphone i have som problem now

    Plz any one can help me to fix this sabotage


    After i kick headphone i Sense the canal is broke (pic one) i saw some glue at bottom and its like somthing you can opening and closing with rotating the part and for fixing it company have some glue on it

    when saw this i have some Stroke and get glue at botton af the canal and rotate it its like first day nothing change but the canal have glue cant be opend
    for Opening it should beoke it

    http://uploadpic.ir/up/images/sennheuku.jpg 2

    now next sabotage

    the red part in pic2 came out i get glue that Too but the voice dose not seems balance i get the metal part out now sound is balance but its make me crazy because does not have that metal part

    what can i do now ?

    can make costome headphone with mixing 2 headphone (any headphon but not Ie8 )
    any Sugestion can Helpful
    Thanks Guys

  2. fereydoon1
    sry for bad english !!

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