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Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by old tech, May 22, 2017.
  1. old tech
    I've run into an issue trying to split two flac files, one has side one of the wall and the other side 2. The two files and the cue sheet are in the same directory.

    All seems fine, open cue file and it populates the fields correctly. I then split the files, again all goes as it should and after a short processing time it asks which directory to store them, I pick the same directory. Then it comes back as complete. However there are no split files in the directory, just the two original files and cue sheet.

    I've run out of ideas of what is going wrong. I have done this process many times before without a glitch. I've checked the PC to see if the files are being stored somewhere else, but it is not. I have repeated this several times now, using different directories to save the files but no difference. The strange thing is that the whole process seems to be fine, just no output even though Cue Splitter says complete.

    Any ideas of what is going on are appreciated.
  2. lcasadonte
    I'm assuming you are using medieval cue splitter. I would start by putting the output somewhere else but a couple questions first. Is there 1 cue file for both sources or 2 cue files 1 for each. If you only have 1 cue file then you are trying to use that to split 2 different sources and thats probably the problem. You may be able to use foobar to combine the 2 sources and then use medieval to split them from the one cue file and 1 source if thats the case.
  3. old tech
    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes I am using the one cue file to split two files.

    I have now tried this with Foobar and split the files with while I was at it. Foobar had no problems with the one cue file.

  4. lcasadonte
    I wind up playing with different tools sometimes, not sure why you have to though. I also use jetaudio, monkey audio, media monkey (for tagging) and sonore.
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  5. old tech
    Yeah, thanks. This is the first time Cue Splitter didn't work for me.
  6. mcgo
    My go-to tool for both splitting and joining is "cuetools" (Win). I prefer to keep my files joined, while splitting is handy when making CD compilations or mixdiscs. With CD-R's at 80M, I consider it a waste to burn only 45-60M to a disc. I like to add some additional tracks and fill 'em up. An equivalent program for linux command line is "shntool" -- very powerful and handy to do crc checks, etc.

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