problem with akg k167 tiesto broken with no reason
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Feb 13, 2013
i buyed from ebay akg k167 tiesto and after using them 3 times they broken 
is there anybody who had the same problem ?i have a big respect for akg canes but i thing with thiks model they have a problem with building  quality .
excuse my english , i m not a english speacker as u can see :)))
i can put an image directly becouse it s tells me :There was a problem submitting this to the server. Please try again. soo i used
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Have you gone any further with seeing if you can get them exchanged or what not?

I literally just experienced the exact samething, looks identical to mine...I've only had these for a little while now and am not impressed.
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Return them. It's not a build quality issue. It's just bad luck of the draw. Even the best products sometimes have a defective/broken one out there. Especially when handled by humans.
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Mine got broken exactly in the same way.. ¿ Are you sure it is not a design flaw ? I returned them and got my money back..
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The problemis that i buyed headphones from us and i m from europe i pay already 50 $ replacement and i must pay again 50 $ if i want to change the headphones , becouse they don t give me money back
i hope the akg will fix them and after that i ll change them again becouse if i change now and i use them will broke again in the same day
bad ingenieering for akg , and bad look for tiesto, but it surprise me that akg do nothing with that product

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