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Probably a newb question but what are Shure Olives?

  1. Merck
    I called Shure and they had no idea what I was talking about but I hear that they fit well on Etymotic HF3 but I'm not sure what size my ear takes. Is there some place that I can get a variety pack? I sure as hell didn't see one on Shure's website or any Olives at all. Please someone enlighten this ignorant member.
  2. tinyman392
    On Shures website, they are called the Black Foam Sleeves. 
  3. kmhaynes

    The Shure black "Olive" sleeves fit the HF3, but it is a tight fit.  Getting them off to clean them off is a test -- you have to hold the HF3 firmly and twist the foam sleeve while gently pulling it away and off the nozzle.
    About the size, the Smalls fit my ear canals and are a tight fit, so I can't imagine how big someone's ear canal must be to use a large size.  I would say if you have smallish to medium size ear canals, then the Small size would be fine.  Their Medium size would fit most any larger size ear canal, I would think.
    If you buy a set of 5 pairs and they don't fit you well, you can probably sell them here pretty easily.
  4. tinyman392


    Hey, I do have one small question about the fit for the HF2/3/5.  Which Olives is for the HF series (IE, which one will fit the nozzle since Shure has 2 nozzle sizes from what I understand).  Sorry for the extremely weird wording, but which Shure Series (E2c, QuietSpot, etc.) would fit the Etys.  Thanks in advanced (if you need me to rephrase that, let me know :p)
  5. weechuen
    They look like this, I've tried it before, apparently IMO for my experience, difference between complys and shure olives is that olives feel kind of more comfortable and isolates a little bit better.
    And I think that normal Complys would not be able to fit the Ety earpiece as their hole in the center is too big?
    For me, I'm currently using the silicon as shown below for my Etymotic ER-4P and they work perfectly for me.
    I couldn't get the 3flange tip to fit into my ears as they were too small and quite uncomfortable for me after a period.

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