Pro-Ject Vs Gamma-1 Lite DAC- Opinions please
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Apr 10, 2009
I'm looking for a DAC but do not want to bust the bank for it. I looked around and for the $100 mark (maybe stretch to another 20) was mulling over these two amps.

Sumiko Pro-ject USB Box (around $95) originally 120+
Gamma-1 (By MisterX) (around $85-90)

I intend to pair it with the CIAudio VHP-2/VAC-1. Anybody heard one of these (or both) or can suggest between the two? Cans are K501 and D5000(shortly).
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go with something more expensive
You wont regret it, i have the same amp/ps combo as you.
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Thanks Townyj. You may not remember but I had consulted you before I bought my amp. Thanks again. But since I do not want to take a big step on my first DAC, I thought I'll start off with something more affordable and then later yell when upgraditis hits me. So between the two of them I was wondering if I could pick out the better one.
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I'd go with the gamma1. It bothers me that the sumiko doesn't give you anything to go by. No performance specs.. no design specs.. no internal shots on the web. Plus, the gamma1 is a pretty nice sounding dac.
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Thanks JamesL. There isa dedicated thread for Gamma1 and the reviews for it have bee mostly positive. I also found a few members who seem to have bought the pro-ject and I have solicited their opinion as well. For the most part the gamma1 does sound more promising.

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