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Pro-Ject headphone amplifiers - robustly built Austrian head amps from Pro-Ject

  1. shaun_g
    Source: Pro-Ject Head Box headphone amplifiers - new models available | Headphone Reviews & News Blog from HiFi Headphones

    We've just taken delivery of a small quantity of the second generation Pro-Ject Head Box headphone amplifiers - the single output Head Box II and the higher spec'ed dual output Head Box SE II.

    These very well made units from Pro-Ject Audio, an Austrian high end audio manufacturer, are capable of driving high impedance headphones such as the Sennheiser HD650 and AKG K701.

    While not upto the very high standard set by high end amps, such as the incredible sounding Graham Slee Solo, the Pro-Ject headphone amps are very capable and are ideal for upgrading from a poor quality headphone output on a TV, HiFi amplifier or home cinema receiver. The Head Box amps are capable of driving high impedance headphones that need more power than many standard headphone outs are able to provide.

    Pro-Ject's headphone amps are designed for driving high quality dynamic Hi-Fi headphones. With RCA phono inputs these headphone amps are ideal for connecting to TV's, CD/DVD players or home cinema amplifiers, where a line level output is available.

    Pro-Ject Head Box SE II

    The dual output headphone amp from Pro-Ject is perfect for setups where you need to drive two pairs of headphones with independent volume controls.

    The Head Box SE II is the second generation in this model from Pro-Ject. Featuring a completely re-designed internal circuit board, this revision offers a fuller sound, with plenty of bass kick and high end detail. The build quality has also improved, making this a very robustly built little box.

    Featuring two independent high resolution volume controls, the Head Box SE II is an ideal headphone amplifier for good quality Hi-Fi setups, home cinemas and computer based audio systems.
    Pro-Ject Head Box SE II in Silver

    The Head Box SE II is available in Silver or Black.

    A typical configuration for the Head Box SE II is a home cinema setup where the output from the DVD player is routed across the room to the Head Box amp (via high quality interconnect cables). The Head Box SE II can be located near the seating with each listener having their own independent volume control. This setup is great for late evening film viewing where you don't want to annoy the neighbours or wake the children!

    Pro-Ject Head Box II

    The Head Box MK II is a single output headphone amplifier with the same high quality construction and superb audio quality that the Head Box SE II offers.

    The Pro-Ject Head Box II is a very nice little unit and has been award 5 Stars by What HiFi? Sound & Vision - see Pro-Ject Head Box II Review.

    The Head Box II is ideal for computer audio setups, or where only a single headphone output is required in a Hi-Fi or home cinema setup.
    Project Head Box MK II in Silver

    The Head Box II is available in Silver or Black.

    More Information

    For more information on Pro-Ject headphone amps or headphone amplifiers from other brands such as Graham Slee, please visit the HiFi Headphones store.

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