Pro-Ject Headbox MKII with Shure SE210?
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Nov 7, 2006
I'm totally new to headphone amps, just as I was new to headphones in general until I starting reading this forum here ... and now I've got the upgraditis like everyone else.
So last year I purchased the Shure SE210 thinking for my budget and setup (iPod 80GB 5.5G, no amp) this was the going to be the ultimate, but of course I started reading this %&*$% forum, and now I can't help but wonder if my choice was the right one. Especially everyone is saying how the iPod output amp sucks so I starting thinking I should get an amp ... maybe ...
Now, I'd like to try before buying, and I saw in a store the Pro-Ject Headbox MKII for CAN $150, and I read about the Headroom Total Airhead for US $100.

My questions to you all are simple:
- are any of these amps really going to make a difference with such an easily driveable pair of headphones (Shure SE210)? Mainly, is is going to improve noticeably the bass frequency output from the iPod amp?
- from what I read so far, there is not much love for the old Headbox on this forum, but I can't tell if the MKII is an old or revamped amp for Pro-Ject
- portability is no issue for me because I listen to my music mostly at the office, sound is more important, so is the Airhead much better than the MKII? Is there smthg else in that price range that would blow these 2 away?

For th record, my taste is music is folk-pop-rock-alternative, acoustic guitars and pianos are what I love to listen too, as well as female singer voices. I listen to 320kbps music on my iPod.

Please help me decide which way to go.
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I have tried this amp with those IEM's,and did not like what I heard.With my Beyers,I was impressed.Not impressed enough to buy it though.
Try it if you can before you buy.Yes an amp will make a decent to HUGE difference with a set of cans.

Still,garbage in garbage out is the rule with anything now days.Given your chosen genres I think the Pro-Ject will do you well for the cash.I tried some Alison Krauss with both,and thought they did my DT250's justice,and livened them up some.Improved the highs on the Shures a bit.That Pro-ject is not designed to help drive IEM's so....

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